5 (More) Ways to Stay Productive When Working Remotely


5 (More) Ways to Stay Productive When Working Remotely

Stay Productive

Still working from home and wondering how to stay productive? Whether your mortgage business has been remote since March, or even longer, staying productive while working remotely is easier said than done. 

Also, lack of motivation is not only a risk to your work, but can have a detrimental effect on your mental health. Eight months of working from home can be draining. But, it is time to adjust to this new “norm” of work and life with COVID-19. 

So, stay productive and successful during your work day by reading our five new tips and tricks below, and check out five more if you need it. Keep the energy up this fall! 

Stay Productive

1. Pretend you have an office to go to

A huge perk of working from home is skipping the morning commute. But, being stuck indoors all day can alter your mood and productivity. So, avoid this change of mindset by getting out of your house each morning. This can help trick your brain into switching to work mode, since you’re already used to leaving for the office every morning. 

Also, incorporate a walk or drink your coffee outside to start the day off in a different setting. Get ready for the work day with some exercise and sunshine.

2. Prioritize tasks

There are many steps to take throughout the work day as a loan officer. While some elements of your work may be enjoyable to you, others may be tedious.

So, you are likely to want to spend most of your time on tasks that help you close more loans. But, time consuming activities, such as client outreach and social media, can throw off your schedule. 

So, for one week, write down every step of your daily process and the time it takes you to complete it. Build a picture of how you spend your time, and then place value where it’s due. 

Ask questions such as: Do I enjoy this task? Can this task automate? Is this task vital for running my business? How important is it to carry out this task? 

Also, answering these questions gives you more time to do what’s important: close more loans and gain more clients. Boost your motivation and stay productive with a successful routine! 

3. Find an accountability partner

There are so many incredible loan originators out there, so consider connecting and networking. It can be difficult to stay on task for the day when all you have is your personal to-do list. Also, scheduling your own time can be a challenge.

So, set your priorities at the beginning of each week. Also, reach out to someone who can relate to the pitfalls of working from home. Become accountability partners! Challenge them to reach their goals each week, and they can do the same for you. It’s a win-win since you will make a new connection and get your tasks done. 

Also, mortgage coaching programs are another asset. Many top producing loan originators claim coaching as one of the most powerful secrets for success. 

4. Invest in your personal growth

Working from home can have you focusing only on work. But, as with working in an office with in-person meetings and interactions, you need balance in your day. 

Listen to a podcast or TED talk that relates to the mortgage industry. Or,  read a chapter of an informative book or spend an hour learning a new skill in your software program. 

There are many ways to grow with thirty or so minutes of “me time.” This will have a positive effect on your mood and motivation. Even the most successful mortgage originators need rest and time to invest in learning.

5. Remember your “why” to stay productive 

Your “why” is your underlying motivation for doing anything. For your work, it is the reason that you do what you do, every day. Being clear about what drives you as a loan officer will help maintain your motivation. 

So, rather than wasting time prioritizing things that do not bring you value, focus on your “why.” Hopefully, you align your passion with your “why,” and find joy in sharing your skills and experience with others. 

Bottom line

Even if you remain organized with your time, working from home can make it difficult to stay productive. So, whether it’s your environment or routine that feels off, these tips can help boost your morale. A change of scenery and incorporating interaction with others each week may help you find even more success.