LOS Sync
Get the most out of your loan origination software. Jungo automatically syncs your loan data with your mortgage CRM so you can complete the loan process from start to finish with dramatic efficiency.
Jungo Integrates With the Most Popular LOS Systems

Scaled For Enterprise Volume

Customizable field mapping to match your company’s internal processes.
Have your loan data sync for every loan officer and track who your top producers are.
Your mortgage CRM and loan contacts are constantly updating every 15 minutes.

Eliminate double data entry, improve your teams’ loan process, and provide better customer service

A simple click pushes contact data from your mortgage CRM to your LOS to create a new loan, eliminating double data entry.
Your LOS sends data back to your mortgage CRM immediately to create or update the transaction record – with a loan number.
Automate email pipeline updates to the borrower, appraiser, escrow agent, title agent, buying agent, and listing agent to keep all parties in the loop.
Easily generate charts and reports using the most current information on file.
:All active loan transactions are visible from Jungo’s Pipeline view menu.
Secure access anywhere with Jungo’s mobile app.

Will this sync our old loans?

LOS Sync is not retroactive, meaning it will not sync your historical data. However, our data team can export your historical data and import it into your Jungo account to ensure you have every contact and loan record you need.

Can automations be set up every time a new record syncs?

Yes! Tasks can be automated to your team to ensure prompt follow up and emails can be automated to prevent repetitive tasks.