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Mortgage Email Marketing
Earn business when you’re away from your desk with automated email marketing.

Mortgage Email Marketing

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Drip Email Marketing
Automated mortgage email campaigns to nurture leads, educate unqualified prospects, and delight closed clients.
The Closing Email of the Week
Access ready-to-send mortgage emails and social media content. Updated weekly, The Closing Email of the Week covers a different topic such as client outreach, industry education, credit, finance, holiday, or home buying. Click Here to check out our free mortgage marketing library.
Build Profitable Partnerships
Automatically notify your current referral partners with pipeline updates to keep them in the loop every step of the way. Plus, get more realtor referral partners by creating deeper connections with our ready-to-send email campaigns.
Celebrate Special Occasions
Connect with your borrowers on holidays, birthdays, loan anniversaries, or any other specific criteria of your choosing with automated emails.
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Free Custom Email Signature
Our team will create a free email signature with your custom branding, hyperlinks, and confidentiality notice so you remain consistent and compliant.
Let Jungo market for you
A complete mortgage marketing library with automated drip email campaigns for every type of lead in your database. Ditch inefficient email marketing with a complete mortgage CRM that works behind the scenes as you focus on your high-demand tasks.
Why You Need Mortgage Email Marketing
Mortgage email marketing is key to growing your mortgage business. Email has a higher ROI than any other channel, and Jungo makes it easy.

Email gets an average return of $36 for every dollar spent.

Marketers who use segmented email campaigns saw up to 760% increase in revenue

There are over 4 billion daily email users

Save time and earn more customers with mortgage email marketing created for loan officers

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Lead-to-Close Automation
Eliminate the need to manually update your borrowers. Your email marketing works behind the scenes to automatically send pipeline updates, freeing up your schedule for important tasks.
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Stay Consistent
Provide better service and build customer loyalty by staying in touch and sending consistent, automated marketing. This will keep clients informed and ready for next steps during the loan process.
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Video Messages
Integrate your BombBomb account and send beautifully designed video messages for that extra personal touch. Face-to-face connections make your business more personable.
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Reporting and Analytics
Track your marketing success and improve your bounce rate with built-in reporting and analytics.


Can I integrate with my Gmail or Outlook account?

Yes! Jungo is backed by Salesforce and integrates with both Gmail and Outlook. Get a complete view of your borrowers and partners, instantly sync emails to keep your team up-to-date, and sync contacts, tasks, calendars, and more!

Can you help improve our deliverability?

Yes! Our support team has the tools to help increase your deliverability and reduce your bounce rate.

Are mortgage email automations customizable?

Yes! You can customize the automation to send an email based on your preferred criteria. You can have an email get sent out ASAP or at a later date/time. It can be right when you receive a new lead, or specific field updates can trigger it. Learn more about how customizable our workflows are in our training center!

Connect With More Leads in Less Time