Market smarter with Jungo.

Jungo delivers powerful multi-channel marketing from one centralized platform. Easily scalable for enterprise volume, you get consistent branding across the board with improved ROI tracking.


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Email Marketing
Save time and win more customers with email marketing created for loan officers.
Automate outbound emails and nurture campaigns with built-in reporting
and analytics campaigns.
Closing Email Of The Week
Let Jungo market for you. Utilize this collection of drafted emails to connect with customers faster, easier, and more effectively. This email and social media marketing library gets updated weekly with your top customers in mind.
Video Marketing
Stand out in a crowded inbox with the power of video. Now you can send powerful video emails directly from Jungo that build trust, convert more leads, and generate referrals.

Post-Close Marketing:

Drip Campaigns
Automated email campaigns drip to your contacts based on their lead or client stage. Utilize customizable, ready-to-send marketing drip campaigns for every lead in your database. From nurturing your leads
to delighting your closed clients.
Concierge Program
With different packages to choose from, Jungo delivers timely gifts and cards to your selected clients. The Concierge Program is an easy and affordable automated solution to increase customer loyalty. All communications are highly personalized with your branding, photo and contact information. Client appreciation has never been easier!
Co Marketing:

Jungo helps you attract and build profitable relationships with referral partners. Easily customize Jungo’s flyers, emails, and post-closing cards with the correct branding in place, then track your results with customized reporting.


Jungo’s Print Concierge delivers timely, co-branded greeting cards and gift packages to increase customer loyalty long after the close. Then, track co-branded marketing activities, assets, and expenses with Jungo’s audit-level reporting.