Mortgage Coaching Programs for Loan Officer Success


Mortgage Coaching Programs for Loan Officer Success

Mortgage Coaching Programs

Mortgage coaching programs are often pointed to by top producing loan originators as one of the most powerful secrets to their success.

Mortgage Coaching Programs

These programs often include coaching calls, training materials, and also access to private membership groups for learning best practices from your peers in the industry.

Past and current members of coaching programs also give outstanding testimonials about how coaching changed their business and life. So, huge income growth, better work/life balance, and stronger team communication, are all things that coaching could help you achieve.

However, of all the characteristics that make a coaching program great, the most important is the accountability you’ll get when you join. If a top producer says you should call 40 leads a day to bring in more revenue, what’s the probability that you’ll do it?

It comes down to the same reason you’d pay a personal trainer to tell you how to workout: accountability. If you paid for something, you’re more likely to care enough about it to follow through on your commitments. Therefore, accountability coaching calls, outlined in the following programs, are what bring some of the greatest value to loan officers.

So, now that you know why loan officer coaching is valuable, how do you choose what program is right for you?

Read on to see our brief summaries of some of the top coaching programs out there. When it comes down to it though, they all have one goal in mind: to make you an even better loan officer. 

Founded by Head Coach Rick Ruby in 2001, The CORE Training utilizes active and highly successful mortgage professionals as their coaches.  In addition, the program uses a mix of learning through assignments, lectures, and personalized coaching. 

Subjects cover: 

  • Making initial contact 
  • Tracking your numbers 
  • Basic organization and time blocking 
  • Mastering the close 
  • Goal setting and business planning 

Included in the training program: 

  • Quizzes and homework
  • Downloadable audio and video success instructions
  • Collateral downloads for you to use in your business, such as postcards, presentations and webinars. 
  • Group accountability trainings with a small, competitive group of other mortgage professionals and your coach. 

High Trust Coaching, The Duncan Group

The Duncan Group’s two decades of coaching experience helped them develop their program into what it is today. With a focus on building trust and investing back into your business and clients, they offer three different training tracks. Unlike many other coaching programs, they list their pricing on their website: mortgage coaching programs range from $700/month to $30,000/year. 

Subjects covered in the “Producer” Training Track: 

  • Opportunity assessment and gap analysis 
  • DISC profile and key motivators analysis 
  • Time management, organization and operational excellence 

Included in the training program: 

  • Private business vision and planning call
  • Bi-weekly private coaching calls for 12 months 
  • Performance Dashboard tracking system to measure results 
  • VIP pricing for Sales Mastery and High Trust Sales Academy events 

Tim Braheem’s background is as an extremely successful loan originator, which was then paired with his more recent education in Spiritual Psychology. Therefore, he created a unique coaching program based in the idea that underperformance is tied to limiting beliefs. Plus, Braheem’s goal is removing these barriers in order to enhance performance and income, all while fostering a great quality of life. 

Subjects covered: 

  • Planning and choosing your highest payoff actions 
  • Crafting a work/life balance 
  • Leveraging your client database to build your income 
  • Hiring and proper team structure 

Included in the training program: 

  • 2 hour immersion session with your Executive Coach to plan the next year of training 
  • Twice monthly coaching sessions 
  • Quarterly group Mastermind Calls with Braheem as your coach 

You may recognize Carl White from his podcast, Loan Officer Freedom, which is one of the most listened to podcasts for loan officers. His mortgage coaching program catalog includes the Mortgage Marketing Animals (for LOs closing less than 6-10 loans per month) and the Freedom Club (for LOs closing at least 6-10 loans per month). 

Subjects covered in the Mortgage Marketing Animals program: 

  • Online and offline strategies to help you leverage more of your market 
  • Scripts, strategies, and processes to give you the tools to your beat your competition 
  • Making more money, while having more free time 

Included in the training program: 

  • Weekly, live “Member’s Only” classes 
  • Monthly group coaching calls 
  • One Golden Ticket to attend a 3-day Mastermind Event for free 
  • Private Facebook group to interact with other members

Cindy Ertman was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine–two years in a row! Similarly, her training program is dedicated to helping others make outcome driven choices to propel their future. 

Subjects covered: 

  • Actions plans to increase your income 
  • Life and business design
  • Mindfulness practice for reducing stress 

Included in the program: 

  • 6 months of coaching calls with Cindy to design your life and business 
  • Plus, tools to help you better prioritize your goals and success 

The Masters’ Coach offers a variety of training programs for business professionals, as well as a dedicated track for mortgage origination, the Building Champions program. Additionally, they also offer a program for mortgage industry CEOs and other senior leadership positions. 

Subjects covered: 

  • Personal leadership and goal setting 
  • Team development through great communication 
  • Business growth and planning 

Included in the program: 

  • One-on-one Executive coaching with bi-weekly coaching sessions 
  • Specific action plans and an in-depth diagnostic questionnaire 
  • Access to Building Champions’ proprietary coaching tools 

How Much Does A Mortgage Coach Cost?

You can expect to spend between $700 and $3,000 a month on a mortgage coaching program. But, the money you will spend is an investment toward the future success of you and your organization. 

Top Mortgage Coaching, Is It Worth It?

So, to wrap things up, there are many options when it comes to Mortgage Coaching Programs, and for good reason. After all, the top producers in the industry often point to coaching as the defining difference between them and their competition. 

In addition to these programs, there are many other influencers in the mortgage industry, like Barry Habib, Steve Harney, and Dave Savage, who offer helpful information and guidance. Because of this, the options for growing personally and professionally are endless. 

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