Mortgage Loan Originator Resources: What to Read, Listen, Watch, and Join


Mortgage Loan Originator Resources: What to Read, Listen, Watch, and Join

Mortgage Loan Originator Resources
Mortgage Loan Originator Resources

No matter how long ago you got started in the mortgage industry, there’s one thing you can be sure of. Continuously learning from mortgage loan originator resources should be at the top of your to-do list. After all, it’s one of the best ways to grow professionally. 

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, among those who pursued professional development: 

  • 65% say their learning in the past 12 months expanded their professional network. 
  • 47% report that their extra training helped them advance within their current company. 
  • 29% say it enabled them to find a new job with their current employer or a new one. 

Lucky for mortgage loan originators, there are lots of options for professional development, both formally and informally. Furthermore, of the many mortgage loan originator resources available, most are completely free. 

47% of those who pursue professional education say that their extra training helped them advance within their current company.

So, if you’re looking for some easy ways to grow professionally, check out our guide for what to read, listen, watch, or join, to launch yourself to the front of the producer’s pack.

Mortgage Loan Originator Resources to Read

First of all, if you’ve been in the industry for any period of time, you’re probably familiar with Rob Chrisman’s daily blog posts and newsletters. His industry commentary updates are high quality and consistent. They give a well-rounded overview of mortgage news, lender products and services, and even job postings. The mailing list is free to sign up for, and will drop the daily update into your inbox every weekday morning. After all, no one said that professional education needs to be difficult! If you’re looking for a great source of mortgage loan originator resources, Rob Chrisman is a great place to start!

Although the Keeping Current Matters blog is geared toward real estate professionals, loan officers will find plenty of helpful information in the articles. The blog is also a great resource for borrowers who are interested in learning more about the housing market, or how to make great financial decisions. For example, recent blog articles include topics like increasing equity, why it’s a great time to buy a home, and the current state of mortgage debt.

Scotsman Guide’s residential and commercial mortgages digital magazine is an amazing place for mortgage loan originator resources. Furthermore, you can subscribe (for free!) to the monthly digital magazine, or read articles from the archives. Each month features a different theme, such as technology or career development. The articles are written by mortgage professionals, and offer a great variety of viewpoints.

It may feel like a given, but HousingWire remains an industry standard for educational material. After all, they still offer extremely insightful news, commentary, and analysis of both the mortgage and housing industries. Plus, if you sign up for an email newsletter with HousingWire, you can choose from a variety, such as lending, servicing, or real estate.

Finally, The Truth About Mortgage blog is a great resource for borrowers. But, mortgage and real estate professionals will also find something interesting within the articles. They update their blog a few times a week, and the articles offer a wide range of topics. Similarly, recent articles include discussions on down payment amounts, getting a mortgage with a low credit score, and refinancing tips.

Mortgage Loan Originator Resources to Listen to

There’s a reason why podcasts are so popular right now. Audible educational materials are helping people learn on-the-go. This is the only time we recommend multi-tasking. It’s all about “learning while doing.” Therefore, you can try learning while driving, working out, or running errands.

Jungo CRM Mortgage Industry Resources

Carl White hosts Loan Officer Freedom, an extremely popular podcast for loan officers and others in the mortgage industry. He interviews different industry experts and the friendly banter is as entertaining as it is educational. As evidenced by the podcast’s name, many of the episodes focus on finding a great work/life balance, all while finding great professional success.

Although I Love Mortgage Brokering has not posted a new episode in a few months, their archive of episodes are worth catching up on! Top producers discuss lead generation, mortgage coaching, and cultivating great realtor partnerships. The podcast is a great place for mortgage loan originator resources and education! 

Mortgage giant HousingWire hosts a Housing News podcast that covers many recent headlines in the industry. They upload new podcasts weekly, so you’ll have plenty of new listening material! A mortgage or real estate executive is interviewed every week.  Subjects cover the housing economy, human touch in the loan process, empowering buyers, and more. 

Mortgage Loan Originator Resources to Watch

If you are more of a visual learner, check out some of the great Mortgage Industry YouTube channels and video resources available.

Jungo CRM Mortgage Industry Resources

Mortgage Coach does a lot more than just providing compliant pricing presentations. Their educational YouTube channel wants to make mortgage professionals well-equipped teachers. They upload new videos frequently, and often have other industry experts speaking on subjects such as consumer direct leads, lifestyle business habits, and sales strategies.

Ryan Hills and RC Christensen’s weekly YouTube videos are equal parts education and entertainment. Loan officers, real estate agents, and home buyers will all appreciate the helpful, easily digestible videos. They also interview many professionals from the industry, so they offer many perspectives. 

Nicole Rueth’s YouTube channels details various subjects that would benefit both you and your customers. Furthermore, her videos on the costs of renting vs. buying, the basics of interest rates, and investments, are all helpful resources no matter how much knowledge of the mortgage industry you have.

Matt Gouge’s YouTube channel details specifics about the mortgage industry, translated into lay man’s terms. This is a great resource if you want an easy to understand review of current industry trends. Additionally, you could point your borrowers in this direction because many of his videos are made specifically for educating home buyers. Topics that Matt covers include improving credit, FHA down payments, and market updates.

Another mortgage industry channel, Kelly Zitlow’s no nonsense videos cover a wide variety of subjects. Plus, new videos are uploaded often. Her channel covers subjects such as actively engaging your clients, different types of mortgages, and building great realtor relationships.

Similarly, Dan Moralez’s YouTube channel is a gold mine of helpful information. He has regular uploads on helpful mortgage tips and tricks, as well as interviews with other mortgage professionals. Recent videos include videos on the changing job market and its effect on the mortgage market and funding home improvements. 

Finally, if you want a video to learn from right now, check out this interview with Monica Jones, a top producing MLO!

Mortgage Loan Originator Resources to Join

Jungo CRM Mortgage Industry Resources

We’ve talked about the importance of mortgage coaching programs before, so if you want to read our full article on the subject, click here.

Although this mortgage education option is not free, joining a mortgage coaching program may help you reach your professional goals. So, think of any money you spend on your career as an investment in your future, and budget accordingly. 

Here’s our summary of the top mortgage coaching programs:

The CORE Training, Rick Ruby

First of all, founded by Head Coach Rick Ruby in 2001, the CORE Training utilizes active and highly successful mortgage professionals as their coaches. Additionally, the program uses a mix of learning through assignments, lectures and personalized coaching.

High Trust Coaching, The Duncan Group

Similarly, the Duncan Group’s two decades of coaching experience helped them develop their program into what it is today. They focus on building trust and investing back into your business and clients. Plus, they also offer three different training tracks.

Another mortgage coach, Tim Braheem’s background is as an extremely successful loan originator. This was then paired with his more recent education in Spiritual Psychology. Therefore, he created a unique coaching program based on the idea that underperformance is tied to limiting beliefs. So, Braheem’s goal is to remove these barriers in order to enhance performance and income. He also wants to foster a great quality of life.

Next up, you may recognize Carl White from his podcast, Loan Officer Freedom (see above). His mortgage coaching program catalog includes the Mortgage Marketing Animals for LOs closing less than 6-10 loans per month. Additionally, he also offers the Freedom Club to LOs closing at least 6-10 loans per month.

The Defining Difference, Cindy Ertman

Cindy Ertman was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine—two years in a row! Similarly, her training program is dedicated to helping others make outcome driven choices to propel their future even more.

Building Champions, The Masters’ Coach

Finally, the Masters’ Coach offers a variety of training programs for business professionals. They also have a dedicated track for mortgage originators, the Building Champions program. Additionally, they also offer a program for mortgage industry CEOs and other senior leadership positions.

Continuing to invest in learning and professional development isn’t just a good thing to do as a mortgage loan originator, it should be a self-imposed requirement.

Bottom Line

Consequently, continuing to invest in learning and professional development isn’t just a good thing to do as a loan officer, it should be a requirement. After all, diving into these mortgage loan originator resources will help you keep your finger on the pulse. Not only will this help you succeed professionally, your borrowers and realtor partners will also appreciate the depth of your knowledge. 

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