Video Emails
Stand out with the power of video.
Connect with more leads by sending personal video emails. Use BombBomb to send powerful messages directly from Jungo to build trust, convert more leads, and generate referrals. Jungo + BombBomb makes it easier than ever to record a video right in your account, and click send!

Save Time and Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Pre-Record Videos
Easily create ready-to-go videos for quick response to frequently asked questions.
Share Your Personal Experience
Share your personal expertise on current industry news.
Video Email Campaigns
Create your own video email campaigns to specific groups of contacts such as Prospective Buyers, Prospective Refinance, HELOC Loans, VA Loans, etc.
Co-Branded Open House
Promote your next co-branded open house event to prospective buyers.
Time Sensitive Emails
Track your open rate for time-sensitive emails that require a response immediately.
icon Lead Distribution
Jungo’s Lead Distribution
Never let a lead slip through the cracks with Jungo’s Leads App. Automatically distribute leads as they come in to ensure a quick follow-up.
Video Alerts to Clients
Send refinance video alerts to specific events such as a change in interest rates.