Real Estate CRM
Grow Your Business With The Most Trusted Real Estate CRM On Salesforce.
Simplify the entire home sale with automated solutions and seamless integrations.

Marketing Made Easy

Multi-Channel Marketing
Get powerful multi-channel marketing from one centralized real estate CRM. Easily scalable for enterprise volume, you get consistent branding across the board.
Automated Communication
Build strong relationships with trigger-based workflows and personalized messages to clients for every occasion.
Effective Lead Capturing
Be the first to contact fresh leads from Zillow®, Trulia®, Realtor.com®, LendingTree®, LeadMailbox, or Informa Research Services – with Jungo’s seamless Lead Capture tool.
Following up with fresh leads has never been easier.
New leads get dropped into your CRM and automatically get distributed to your team to ensure a prompt follow-up.
  • Eliminate double data entry and make your lead management process more efficient.
  • Automatically create follow-up rules based on your criteria and preferences.
  • Launch email and drip campaigns immediately, eliminating repetitive tasks.

Never Let a Lead Slip Through the Cracks

Improve task management and distribution to ensure a prompt follow-up.
Assign follow-up tasks to specific team members.
Easily view all outstanding team tasks to ensure consistent, clear communication.
Ensure everyone is on the same page and easily keep all client interactions on each contact record.
Automatically create tasks for any step in your sales process.
Run Your Business, From Anywhere
Access and update all of your CRM data with Jungo’s Mobile App.
Jungo is mobile optimized so you can grow your business, even when you’re away from your desk.
  • Access your files and database
  • View real-time data of sales performance with Reports & Dashboards
  • Track deals and approve transactions
All Your Apps From One Login
Jungo is backed by Salesforce and has countless integrations. Whether it’s video selling with our BombBomb integration, efficiently reaching a call list with one of our auto dialer integrations, or completing deals with Docusign, your Jungo account is fully integrated with the platforms you already use and love.
Jungo’s DocsBar
Skip the papercuts and manage all documents within Jungo.
Jungo’s DocsBar feature keeps all transaction documentation and correspondence in one place.
  • Encrypted CRM to keep records safe and secure
  • Automated updates to ensure prompt follow up
  • Branded notifications to keep tracking inside your CRM and out of your inbox
Strengthen Relationships and Earn More Referrals
Jungo’s Reffinity feature makes it easier than ever to track, manage, and communicate with your referral partners.
  • Report Automation – Automate pipeline reports for each of your referral partners and keep them in the loop every step of the way.
  • Email Automation – Automatically send “Thank you for the referral” emails so you can focus on higher priority tasks.
  • Deep Tracking – Easily track your most profitable relationships and see which partner is bringing in the most business.
Open House Lead Capture Coming Soon!
Earn more leads and grow your pipeline organically.
Turn every open house into an opportunity with the Open House Lead Capture Tool.
  • Capture higher quality leads and close more deals
  • Convert your attendees into potential clients on the spot
  • Customize the layout to feature property images, key features, and your branding
The Property Listing
Easily build single property sites in just minutes. No technical knowledge necessary!
  • Easily create optimized property sites
  • Co-brand your website for valuable exposure
  • Receive notifications from interested buyers instantly
Create beautifully designed real estate flyers.
  • Easily create branded or co-branded marketing materials.
  • Utilize easy-to-use templates. No design knowledge necessary!
  • Beautifully designed marketing material to wow your leads and partners.
Let Jungo Market For You
Use Jungo’s automated marketing campaigns to grow your pipeline.
Jungo has ready to use marketing campaigns to nurture leads and delight past clients. That way, you can have customers for life.
Automated campaigns that get sent to your database based on their lead or client stage.
Celebrate special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.
Track your success with built-in reporting and analytics.
Earn Clients For Life With Jungo’s Concierge Program
Jungo’s Concierge Program is an easy and affordable solution to increase customer loyalty.
  • Send branded gifts and cards to your closed clients.
  • Different packages to choose from starting at only $35
  • Automated solution to send gifts periodically for up to 3 years.
Oversee Your Entire Team With Reports & Dashboards.. Live data at your fingertips.
Gain insight into the data that matters most to your business with Jungo’s customizable Reports & Dashboards.
Track referrals, marketing campaigns, your pipeline, and much more.
View every aspect of your business powered by live data.
Develop intelligent business goals with action-ready reports.
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