Loan Milestones
Emails & Alerts
Improve your loan process with automated alerts.
Personalized Loan Milestone Emails & Alerts Include
  • Appraisal Has Been Ordered
  • Pre-Approval Update
  • We Received Your Disclosures
  • Your Loan Has Closed
  • Disclosures Have Been Sent
  • We Received Your Appraisal
  • Your Loan Has Been Submitted to Underwriting
  • Your Own Custom Milestones
  • Your Docs Have Been Ordered
  • Your Loan Package Has Been Submitted to Lender
  • Your Loan is Approved
Keep Your Borrowers Updated
Every Step of the Way
A smooth closing leads to happier customers, more referrals, and increased retention. Jungo automatically sends dynamic in-process email updates as your client reaches important loan milestones such as “Submitted to Underwriting” and “Approved.”
And best of all, it’s fully customizable! Easily change the email templates and which milestones you want your borrower to receive an update on.
Having Trouble Receiving Documents?
Let Jungo chase documents for you.
Jungo’s encrypted mortgage CRM can automatically update your borrowers to let them know which documents were received and which documents they still need to send you. That way, you can forget the repetitive tasks and focus on closing more loans.
Receive branded notifications to keep communication tracking inside your secure mortgage CRM.
Instantly communicate to borrowers, realtors, or other loan stakeholders with automated loan status emails.
Easily keep track of requested documents to borrowers and automate follow-up requests.