Jungo helps you attract and build profitable relationships with referral partners. You can easily customize Jungo’s flyers, email campaigns, and post-closing cards with the proper branding in place. Then, track your results with customized reporting and keep your referral partners updated every step of the way.

Earn more referrals with Jungo’s Co-Marketing solutions

Click & Go Database Management
Easily create custom contact groups to deploy Jungo’s multi-touch marketing campaigns and initiate internal workflows to automatically assign follow-up tasks.
Generate Leads
Bring in more prospective buyers with Jungo’s email drip campaigns and share contacts with your referral partners.
Enter the Property Details
PrintPub makes it easy to type in the property address and the amenities you would like to feature. Then, simply upload your photos and you’re ready to print!
The key to keeping your referral partners happy.
Jungo’s Reffinity feature allows you to easily send automated pipeline reports to your referral partners to keep them updated every step of the way. That way, they know their client is in good hands whenever they send you a referral. Plus, you can easily track which referral relationships are bringing in the most business.
Report Automation
Automate pipeline reports for each of your referral partners and have custom dashboards to gain a complete overview of your most profitable relationships.
Email Automation
Send automated Thank You emails anytime you receive a new referral.
Track Referral Partners
Easily track the number of referrals received from each partner and who is giving you the highest quality leads.
Concierge Program
The key to earning customers for life.
With different packages to choose from, Jungo delivers timely gifts and cards to your selected clients. This automated feature is an easy and affordable way to keep your clients happy and leave a lasting impact.
All concierge communications are highly personalized with you and your referral partners unique branding, photo, and contact information.
Real Estate CRM 2
Stand out with beautifully designed open house flyers.
With Jungo’s PrintPub, you can easily create co-branded open house flyers, EDDM postcards, and more so your borrowers know who to go to when they’re looking to purchase a home and who to go to for financing options.
No Designer Necessary
Look like you hired a professional design firm with Jungo’s customizable, pre-designed templates for real estate and mortgage marketing.