Referral Partners

Send Automated Pipeline Reports to your Referral Partners


The key to profitable relationships.

Jungo’s Reffinity feature allows you to send automated pipeline reports to your referral partners to keep them updated as your borrower goes through the loan process. That way, they know their client is in good hands whenever they send you a referral. Plus, you can easily track which referral relationships are bringing in the most business.

Report Automation
Automate pipeline reports for all of your referral partners and have custom dashboards to gain an entire overview of your profitable relationships.
Email Automation
Automatically send your referral partners a pipeline status update and a custom “Thank you for the referral” email every time they send a lead your way.
Track Referral Partners
Easily track the number of referrals received from each partner and who is giving you the highest quality leads.

Why You Need Reffinity

Having multiple referral sources is key to growing your business. Realtors are always talking to people that are looking to purchase a home, and they’re going to need someone to finance it. So it’s important to develop strong relationships with them and have a sustainable mortgage referral strategy.

Jungo makes it easy to delight your business partners and will give them a reason to want to refer your business. That way, you can focus on high-value tasks that close more loans.

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