Reports & Dashboards
View every aspect of your sales teams and mortgage pipeline.
Ready to see who your top loan officers are?
Jungo’s customizable Reports & Dashboards allow you to gain valuable insight into who your highest-performing loan officers are. Jungo is capable of easily tracking which loan officer is:
  • Making the most calls
  • Sending the most emails
  • Closing the most loans

Leverage your live data to close more loans and grow your mortgage business

Never let a lead slip through the cracks with detailed reports and automation to ensure every lead gets taken care of.
Recurring equity reminders, tasks, and automated emails.
Loan milestone notification system with pipeline updates.
Detailed reports to track your current mortgage pipeline, upcoming loan anniversaries and birthdays, leads, realtor referrals, and past clients.
With Jungo’s Reports & Dashboards, you get full administrative oversight so you can better manage your sales teams and branches.