Ready to take your Jungo account to the next level with customizations?
Professional Services is geared at helping Jungo clients achieve the customization they need while providing a fantastic experience. Contact us today to learn more.

Professional Services handles a range of customization requests to match your company’s internal processes.
Examples include automated emails, custom fields and layouts, custom permissions, and modifications to Jungo products like LOS sync field mappings. These Services can also help you with reports, dashboards, list views, and other topics that you do not have the time to complete yourself.
When you need Jungo to assist you with your business, Professional Services is available for hire to help you reach your goals.
What to expect from Pro Services?

Jungo employees are highly skilled in the product, and Salesforce. You can discuss your pain points and then have an informed Jungo employee design and implement solutions customized for you. These solutions are peer reviewed and quality assured.

Jungo employees will address your specific needs and contribute to your success by guiding you toward the best long term solution.

Jungo also provides advanced troubleshooting for technical solutions that are already implemented in your organization.

Jungo scopes out a variety of customizations and professional service requests for you during and after the implementation phase.

Here are some of our most popular customization requests submitted by clients:
Administrative Training Packages
  • User Management (i.e., Training to Setup & Deactivate Users)
  • Data Management (i.e., How to Format / Import Data)
  • On-Site Training Packages
  • Tailored Administrative Training Packages (i.e., Topics Vary Depending on Client Needs)
  • Custom Training Video Packages and Additional Custom Group Trainings
Mortgage App Customizations
  • Creation of Custom SMS Templates
  • Creation of Custom Workflows / Automations
  • Creation of Custom Reports
  • Creation of Custom Dashboards for Users with Different Roles
  • Role / Hierarchy / Permissions Buildouts Post Implementation
  • Creation of Custom Fields / Page Layouts
LOS Sync Customizations
  • Mapping Custom Fields
  • Custom Milestone Alerts to Borrowers / Co Borrowers / Partners
  • Custom LOS Integrations
JungoLeads Customizations
  • Mapping Custom Fields
  • Custom Intro Text Message
  • Automated Drip Campaigns
Jungo SMS Customizations
  • Creation of Custom SMS Templates
  • Creation of Custom Workflows / Automations
How to differentiate Pro Services vs. Support?
Jungo Pro Services is a paid service to help bring your Jungo experience to the next level. Jungo Support is not going anywhere and is still here to help. Below is a guideline to help determine if your Support case is Professional Services or Support.
Support can come in a few forms: screen share, phone call, or email. Jungo Support is here to help guide users to a better understanding of the platform and product suite. These cases require the user to complete the action, not the Support team. For example, “Can you help me create this report?” is a Support request, while “Can you create this report for me?” is a Professional Services request.
Support is able to cover the topics below:
Training on any of the following topics:
Training is supported for free by Jungo. The user will be in control of the mouse the entire training session.




Page Layout

Lightning Layouts

Modifying the home page

Related list section of Contacts and Loans

Custom field creation

Report Type creation

API LOS Sync custom field mappings


Sharing Settings

Jungo SMS



LOS Sync functionality

JungoLeads App

Level Up buildout

Contact and Loan Creation

Task creation

Task management best practices

General Training

  • For users who are looking for a little assistance in the basic features and functionality
  • Team oriented best practices
  • Includes chatter
  • Includes task assignment options to users
  • Mass updates and reports

Importing Data

Jungo PPE (Optimal Blue)

Out of the box functionality and out of the box workflows. New functionality requests are not considered troubleshooting.


Docs Bar


Print Pub

Property Listings

LOS Sync missing records or sync disconnect

These are all paid services covered by the setup cost. If they need to be redone per request, the setup fee will be recharged by the Pro Services team.

New User setup

Mini-App installs

Account upgrades

MAP creation for new csv files

Initial Data Import

Jungo charges $180/hr for Pro Service customizations.
If you elect to go with an outside consultant, Jungo is not responsible for any issues related to their customizations. Our Pro Services team will troubleshoot and try to resolve any outside issues after payment, but there is no guarantee as they work through each customization with you.