5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working Remotely

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working Remotely

stay motivated

New to working remotely? An expert at working from home? Either way, the ability to stay motivated while working remotely can be a challenge.

Many mortgage businesses are still requiring employees to work from home due to COVID-19. It is almost August, and for those who began working remotely in March, the motivation can be low after six months. 

Keep reading for five easy and helpful tips on how to keep up the energy this summer! 

stay motivated

1. Master Your Schedule

For many, lack of structure may be the hardest part of working from home. There is no office to go to and no traffic to beat. But, beginning your day an hour before lunch may not be the most efficient way to structure your day. If you want to stay motivated, do yourself a favor and set a specific time to wake up every day.

So, try to get on a schedule and train yourself to get up like you do have a more traditional job. A routine will encourage productivity!

Also, many clients, especially if in a different time zone, will be ready to talk to you in the morning. Starting early in the morning will help you stay motivated and work more efficiently.

2. Don’t Work Where You Sleep 

Working near or on your bed can make you lazier while working. Also, mixing your “work” and “rest” spaces can lead to extra stress when it is time to unwind. If you have enough space, try to separate these two areas. 

Literally rolling out of bed into your work environment is not an ideal way to promote success. Sometimes, this can’t be avoided due to living arrangements. But, a designated work and rest area will help you be more productive and convert more leads at the end of the day. 

3. Turn Off Notifications

*Ding!* It’ll come as no surprise that your cellphone is a constant distractionNotifications from social media apps and other platforms can hurt your work day routine. When working from home, you don’t have a filter to restrict your browsing, so you might find yourself watching YouTube videos rather than working.

A little “ding” noise instantly jolts you out of thinking about your work. Notifications are constant mental interruptions that take away your motivation. Facebook, Snapchat, and texting can distract you from doing your best.

Consider turning off your notifications, or at least the sound effects. This will allow you to finish your work faster and have free time once you’re done. Then, the apps will be there to welcome you back! 

4. Work in Small Blocks of Time

Blocking out small amounts of time can make big tasks more manageable. Many loan officers stay motivated by telling themselves that they have 30 minutes to complete a list of calls before lunchtime, and so on. Scheduling time will also hold you more accountable. You’ll be less likely to procrastinate when you’ve given yourself a tight deadline.

The first step is to convince yourself to start. Whether a task ahead seems boring, frustrating, or challenging, give yourself a small block of time to begin it.

An example is the “10-minute rule.” Tell yourself that you have to work on something for only 10 minutes, and then you earn a break. Often, you’ll find that after the 10 minute mark, you’ll choose to keep working. Once you begin, it’s easier to keep the momentum going.

5. Go Outside

Your work space can quickly become your bunker when working remotely. It becomes comfortable, so why would you leave once you log off for the day? But, for your health and enjoyment, get outside! 

Every human body needs sunlight to live. The outdoors also provide mental sanity, especially after a long day of working. Run errands, take a walk, or simply enjoy your dinner outside. 

Also, when working remotely, you can consider a change of scenery. You could work at a coffee shop or even outside. Get creative and switch it up to stay motivated!

Bottom Line

There are plenty of tips about how to work well from home. How you stay motivated may be different than how your teammates or clients stay motivated. It’s important to experiment with different strategies and discover what works well for you. No matter what, don’t forget to reward yourself after a productive day of work!