Manage your mortgage business in the palm of your hands.
View meetings, events, and get loan updates on-the-go with Jungo’s Salesforce Mobile App integration. Jungo allows you to join conference calls and take meeting notes from anywhere. Plus, you access and update your mortgage CRM data at any time with Jungo’s mobile capability.
Jungo’s Mobile App
  • Track loans and approve deals on-the-go
  • Access all your files from anywhere
  • Close deals fast

Get real-time views of your team’s sales performance with Reports & Dashboards.
Connect with your team to provide better service for your borrowers.
Collaborate and share borrower information, photos, or loan documents with referral partners.
Maximize productivity with in-app notes, events, and task management.
Manage, create, or view all conversations.
Already Have Jungo SMS?
The Salesforce Mobile App and Jungo SMS go hand in hand!
Receive and respond to SMS notifications.

Use your phone's camera feature to take live photos.

Send loan process updates to your borrowers and vendors.