Post-Close Marketing

Post-Close Marketing

Build strong relationships and earn repeat customers for life.

Past clients will always be your best leads and keeping in touch after the close is one of the best ways to ensure your clients aren’t rate shopping with another lender when it’s time to refinance or buy another property. It’s also a great way to bring in more referrals.

Post-Close Marketing

Automate Internal Processes

Send Beautiful Post-Close Gifts and Cards
Jungo’s Concierge Program makes it easy to maintain strong relationships. Automatically send your clients gifts and cards with branded packaging directly from your CRM. Packages include your photo, company logo, and contact information. Or, you can have Co-Branded packages with your favorite realtor.
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Automated Post-Close Email Campaigns
Your Jungo account comes pre-loaded with a variety of Keeping in Touch email nurture campaigns. Emails are sent once a month, keeping your incredible service front and center with helpful tips for homeowners. Check out our Marketing page to learn more about Jungo’s wide selection of drip marketing campaigns.
The Closing Email of the Week

Access beautifully designed emails and social media content that gets updated weekly.

Use Jungo’s collection of drafted emails and social media content to connect with customers faster, easier, and more effectively. Every week will cover a different topic so you can focus on closing more loans instead of marketing.

Below you will find our marketing library that’s free to use.

Keep Clients For Life With Jungo’s Automated Post-Close Solutions