Jungo Winter ‘23 Upgrade Announcement: All New Features

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

Jungo Winter ‘23 Upgrade Announcement: All New Features

upgrade announcement

The Jungo Winter ‘23 Upgrade announcement is here! This free upgrade offers brand-new features that you don’t want to miss out on.   

upgrade announcement

You Asked, We Listened

Jungo is excited to announce upgrades to key features to help you work more efficiently. The upgrade includes: 

  • An updated Reffinity interface with customization and collaboration features
  • A more powerful Marketing Automation Wizard 
  • Workflow to Flow conversions 

Keep reading to learn more details about Jungo’s Winter ‘23 upgrade. 

New and Improved Reffinity

If you haven’t started utilizing Reffinity’s automations, you’re missing out. Reffinity reports can automatically send pipeline update reports to your referral partners to keep them updated as your borrower goes through the loan process. That way, they know their client is in good hands whenever they send you a referral. Plus, it allows you to easily track which referral partners are bringing in the most business.

But, Reffinity just got better. It now has the following customization and collaboration features: 

  • Insert merge fields to customize email templates
  • Column order control and row sorting for pipeline reports 
  • Send as functionality for your assistants, marketing staff, or other users

As you can see, Jungo’s Reffinity feature is fully customizable to improve communication with your referral partners. It allows you to choose who the sender is allowing for easy collaboration.  

A More Powerful Marketing Automation Wizard

Jungo provides you with many automations that keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Want to gain more referrals, close more leads, and grow your business with mortgage automations? Use them in your daily routine with just a click.

But, Jungo’s Marketing Automation Wizard just got better. Now, the Marketing Automation Wizard can run every 15 minutes instead of hourly. 

Workflow to Flow Conversion

As you have probably seen, Salesforce has begun its transition to having one comprehensive automation tool, Flow Builder. So, we wanted to get ahead of Salesforce’s upcoming updates. With the Winter ‘23 upgrade, all out-of-the-box Workflows have been converted into Flows. 

How Could You Use Marketing Automations in Jungo?

Loan Milestone Updates

These are useful for updating all interested parties on the status of their loan. They can be customized to send to the borrower, co-borrower, and transaction partners on the loan. Options for delivery include emails, text messages, or both. 

Drip Marketing Campaigns

These are time-dependent marketing mortgage automations that slowly drip marketing to your leads or clients on a regular basis. They are perfect for keeping your clients focused on the goal of closing their loan or refinancing with you. They also change automatically based on your client’s stage with you: lead, in process, or closed. 

Drip marketing is not exclusive to clients! There are also campaigns for realtors and CPAs to promote client referrals and good partnerships. It is important to have constant marketing going so that you are keeping your business in the forefront of your clients and partners minds. 

Holiday Mass Emails

Stay in touch with your database on the most important days of the year with automated Holiday Mass Emails. Simply schedule the email to send, and then move on to other tasks. On the day of the holiday, everyone receives a personalized holiday email from you!

There are many pre-created holiday emails available in Jungo. Each holiday has up to 3 designs to choose from!

Overall, marketing workflows are extremely important for helping your business as clients and partners consider moving forward with you.

Bottom Line

These new tools, and updated features will help you close more loans in less time. You have the benefit of complete CRM data, analytics, and customer-facing material at your fingertips. Get this free upgrade today so you can grow your pipeline, improve your realtor relationships, and get ahead of Salesforce’s transition into Flows. 

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