End the Year Strong with Mortgage Social Media

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

End the Year Strong with Mortgage Social Media

It’s no doubt that 2020 has altered many things in our world, one of those being mortgage social media trends. It can be challenging to expand your client database and gain referrals. But, an incredible social media presence can help with that. Continue reading to learn how to end this year strong for your mortgage business, with social media! 

As we enter the final stretch of 2020, it’s a good time to check in on the trends impacting the mortgage social media landscape.

Redefine your brand purpose 

Be mindful of how you approach your mortgage brand purpose. Start by listening to your audience on social media and identify the causes they care about. From there, you can align your brand with what matters most to your customers and employees. 

Make sure to use your own pictures, videos, blog posts, and other content to engage potential clients. People are interested in learning what makes your brand unique. So, consumers are likely to trust mortgage professionals who use original content. This could factor into their decision when selecting a mortgage loan originator. It’s your goal to make them want to choose you!

Do more with social media

There are many mortgage originators out there, but how do you stand out and make the most of mortgage social media? It is necessary to find a balance and build borrower happiness and differentiation.

Increasingly, social media is being relied on to deliver a full-on customer experience.

As a loan officer, you can build ads around the topics with greatest demand from your audience. This expands to social media ads, paid media, and public relations. Social media’s role is more significant than simply running direct response ads to drive conversions. It provides insights into your borrowers, so you can craft messages that result in meaningful connections.

Share quality content 

Be sure to create content for the entire customer lifecycle. Use your social accounts to remain available and help your clients along the way. This can look like providing advice from each step of the mortgage process. 

Also, consider mixing in outside articles and resources with your audience. Share quotes that are inspiring and articles that you find helpful to expand your followers’ knowledge. 

An example is sending The Mortgage Update by Jungo to your clients. This free, shareable resource will educate your borrowers. After all, it is part of your job to make them feel prepared. 

Effective social media is about so much more than what you post. Also, an amazing social media presence does not happen overnight. You need to consider how to cover a range of relevant content. Stay true to your core values and share your story while remaining mindful of your audience. 

Keep up with social network trends

Take advantage of some of the most popular mortgage social media trends of 2020. 

Instagram Reels

Reels allows users to record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools. 

Like Instagram Stories, Reels is a format that loan officers and marketers will need to become comfortable with. Expand your Instagram Stories to Reels and experiment with interactive videos to bring in more clients. Consider showing tips and tricks to borrowers or invite them into your typical work day. 

Growing audience 

In July, it became official that over half of the world’s population now uses social media

Once reluctant to dive into social, baby boomers are now embracing it and spending more time on social media. Many loan officers will find clients in this generation, so providing them with digital content that they can relate to is key to growing your mortgage business.  

Also, baby boomers maintained a consistent social media presence formed during the pandemic. This is key growth for mortgage originators trying to reach these valuable audiences. Discover your audience today and market specifically to them with your mortgage social media. 

Mortgage social media for brand research

In the past, search engines dominated the research stage of the customer journey. In many demographics today, search engines are behind social media when it comes to brand research.

For example, if a prospective borrower wanted to find a loan officer, rather than turning to Google, they would look on a social media platform. This highlights the importance of gaining a mortgage social media presence and creating a name for yourself as an originator. 

Consumers are more cautious than ever, and will use social media to research the person, the brand, and video content that explains what the loan officer has to offer. 

Bottom line

Even with all of the unexpected changes in 2020, you can start fresh and end the year strong on social media. It is time to grow your audience, reach potential borrowers, and create a face for yourself on various platforms. 

So, consider expanding your social media knowledge to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more. Just like in 2020, many changes are to come for mortgage social media. Join over half of the world and become innovative on social media today!