Successfully Leveraging Your Instagram Business Profile


Successfully Leveraging Your Instagram Business Profile

Instagram business profile

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. For marketing your business, an Instagram business profile can serve as the ultimate powerhouse of social media channels.

Instagram is a terrific resource for loan officers. It can help with gaining a larger client base, connecting with realtors for more referral business, and closing more deals. 

There are many reasons to create an Instagram business profile to grow your business.

Here are some answers to questions you might have about getting started with Instagram!

Why should you care about a social media presence?

Instagram is a great way to network with a huge number of realtors and others in the industry. Every day on Instagram, you can easily find realtors doing business in your area. This allows you to connect with them, and form a professional relationship, which leads to referrals. Put your name out there with your Instagram business profile!

Why is Instagram an influential platform?

Instagram generates more sales and consumer response than any other social network. It allows you to reach the demographic of today’s homebuyers, since younger homebuyers use Instagram as their social media of choice. A recent study shows that millennials will buy the most houses in the coming years.

So, your presence on the app will reach those who need loans and refinances. Building a community on your Instagram business profile might take some work, but it can provide tremendous results, and give you the ability to speak directly to your client base.

How can you get started with Instagram?

Mortgage professionals who start using Instagram to market their services have a leg up on their competition. Only a small percentage of mortgage professionals have set up business accounts on Instagram and are marketing regularly. So, get started today to set yourself apart!

Download the app and create an Instagram business profile. Once you have a business account, you can add in important business information. This can include your website, phone number, business address, and hours of service.

What types of posts could you create?

Instagram is all about the visual experience. Learn how to tell your story through captivating photos, videos, and captions. Photos and videos will grab your follower’s attention and make you a trusted voice in the mortgage space. As a loan officer, you’ll need to get creative with content for your Instagram business profile.

Get creative with your posts

Don’t post stock photos to convey dull financial information, but use your feed to show yourself as an expert in your field. You can do so by sharing pictures of area streetscapes, happy clients in their new homes, or local destinations in your area. Charts, graphs, refinance illustrations, rent vs. buy projections, special offers, photos with business partners, and market updates are examples of content for lenders to share. Check out Canva for helpful template suggestions!

A pretty picture only goes so far, but thought-provoking captions make a lasting impact. So, use your caption to continue to paint the picture. You can even ask questions to get followers engaged on your Instagram business profile!

Bottom Line

Instagram’s potential reach for you is large, so engaging your community through visual content helps to strengthen the ties they feel with your business. The use of hashtags also allows you to connect with realtors, homeowners, and homebuyers. You can share interests, products, organizations, trending topics, values, or even life experiences. There are so many features to be used to strengthen your business. Begin your Instagram business profile presence today! 

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