YouTube Video Marketing for Loan Officers

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Loan Pipeline Management

YouTube Video Marketing for Loan Officers

YouTube Video Marketing

As a loan officer, connecting with clients through video is a prominent way to enhance your mortgage business. YouTube video marketing can help you leverage relationships with past and present clients. 

Continue reading to learn just how handy YouTube video marketing and creating a personal loan officer channel can be. 

YouTube Video Marketing

Why should you use YouTube?

Since its beginning, YouTube has been a social media source for entertaining content. But, it has also become an essential tool for marketing practices. Even if you feel that your audience is not on YouTube, consider that one-third of total online time is spent watching videos. So, videos, and YouTube in particular, are worth the plunge for your mortgage business.

Are you ready to create a YouTube channel?

Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube is exclusively for video content. With that in mind, you will need to maintain your loan officer channel over time, rather than just posting one video. 

Set aside time to plan, film, edit, market, and analyze your platform’s content on a consistent basis. Plan for how video can help you achieve your loan officer goals to close more leads and gain more clients. With time and energy, you’ll be able to create engaging and shareable content with your growing audience. 

Own your brand

What are your brand’s goals? Your YouTube channel is an extension of your loan officer brand. Think this through and follow these YouTube video marketing guidelines to establish your channel’s identity.  

Channel name 

Your channel name shows up on every video you post. Be sure it is accurate and consistent with your other social media platforms and branding.

Channel icon

Your channel icon is similar to a Facebook profile picture. This image is used for all of your Google functions, including Gmail and Google+. Consider using a professional headshot or company logo.  

Channel description

Your description should provide information on you as a loan officer and your mortgage business. Explain what kind of video content you plan on sharing. Also, link to all other social media accounts and relevant websites from the “About” section of your channel. 

Make it easy for subscribers to connect with you. Also, always include important links or CTAs in the beginning of your description and write the copy so it drives views and engagement.

YouTube videos to create

Once you set up your YouTube channel, you can begin creating content and uploading videos. This is the fun part! Make sure to brainstorm video ideas that will enhance your business. 

1. Introductory messages

When you first receive a new lead or referral, how do you introduce yourself? Whether you call this new contact, send them an introductory email, or perhaps even send a handwritten note, a video introducing yourself can be a great addition. 

2. Mortgage news updates

Whether you’re marketing to leads, current borrowers, or communicating with partners, sharing news updates about the mortgage industry can be a huge value add. If you read something that you think that your customers or partners might be interested in, shoot a quick video! Simply summarize the most important information in easily digestible language, and invite the viewer to contact you if they want to learn how this news may affect them. 

3. Mortgage marketing videos 

In this same way, videos can be a great chance to market yourself to prospective or past customers. Sharing what sets you apart in this “face-to-face” format can help you stand out in your customer’s mind. Think about what makes you special, or what you can offer borrowers that your competition can not, and simply share that with your audience. 

4. Process updates 

Loan process updates may not be the most exciting form of communication that loan officers send, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Recording mortgage videos quickly filling your borrowers in on the status of their loan is personal, thoughtful, and efficient. After all, you could record one video congratulating your borrower that their loan has been cleared to close, and then reuse that video for multiple customers. They will appreciate the thoughtful touch and extra effort. 

5. Meeting follow-ups

Imagine how wow-ed a lead, customer, or referral partner would be if they received a video email from you after your meeting with them! This is a great chance to thank them personally, and follow-up with any next steps that you may have discussed. 

6. Thanks for your referral notes 

When a realtor partner sends a referral your way, you probably send them some sort of thank you. So, why not add a video message to that as well?

7. Loan anniversary videos 

Similarly, sending a congratulatory note when a past borrower’s loan anniversary comes around is a thoughtful way to check in. However, a video will make an even bigger impact. Simply wish them and their family well, thank them again for their business, and extend an invitation to reach out to you if they ever need anything else. 

8. Holiday well wishes 

Warm wishes during the holidays don’t get any better than a festive video. Wearing your favorite seasonal sweater, or recording in front of your Christmas tree will take your video to the next level. 

YouTube video marketing strategy 

Now that you’ve created a video, you can market it by creating a YouTube video marketing strategy. Also, it is important to share about your YouTube channel and videos across other platforms. Below are some tips for how to best promote your YouTube content.

Social media

Sharing your videos on social media is an easy way to add additional insights to your video and engage with viewers. YouTube allows you to promote your video across other social networks. To share a video, click the “Share” tab underneath the video. Then, you can select where to market the video.

When promoting your YouTube channel or videos on your social media sites, consider the best marketing strategy. Think of why you made the video. Be sure to include relevant #hashtags where appropriate to ensure your video is included in the conversation. 

Blog posts and website

Utilize YouTube video marketing on your website and blog. Add a YouTube follow icon to your website so your audience can easily find your channel. Also, embed relevant videos on your website or in blog posts. So, not only will this help market your YouTube channel and videos, but it will also drive traffic to your website.


Be sure to share your video content and channel with relevant email lists. Encourage your contacts to check out blog posts with videos embedded to increase views and website traffic. Also, sending consistent emails with valuable information and video content is another great way to keep your clients engaged.

Interact with viewers

Finally, be sure to engage with your viewers. Respond to comments, answer questions, ask for feedback, and thank viewers for their support. This is an easy task to forget. So, try to choose a dedicated time every week to check video interactions and respond to comments.

Bottom line

YouTube video marketing is a powerful way to take your mortgage business to the next level. Your customers and partners will appreciate the ultra-personalized messaging. Also, you will see higher rates of engagement, conversion, and response than ever before! 

If you’re looking for a one stop shop for recording, hosting, and sending your videos, there are great solutions out there. Consider BombBomb which features an integration with Jungo. So, this means that you can record and send personalized videos to your database, right from your CRM! 

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