Twitter Strategies for Loan Officers

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

Twitter Strategies for Loan Officers

Twitter strategies

Creating twitter strategies for your mortgage business may be just what you need to close more deals and gain more clients. As a loan officer, daily tasks and communication with borrowers keep you constantly occupied. So, how do you find the time to reach a new audience, and continue to support your current customers? Consider adding Twitter to your list of social media accounts. 

Twitter strategies

Why use Twitter?

Twitter strategies can help loan officers achieve their business goals. The social media platform has expanded to millions of users since it was launched in 2007. But, what hasn’t changed? Real-time information about the world around you. 

A loan officer that views Twitter users as potential customers can gain a great amount of exposure. Also, the platform is conversational, and you can reach people from all over the globe. There is a large pool of clients just waiting to be discovered! 

Keep reading for tips on how to use Twitter strategies to your advantage.

Twitter notifications

Twitter notifications are when you are notified via a mobile device each time someone you follow tweets. So, this leads to effective and timely opportunities for engagement. Oftentimes in the mortgage industry, timing is everything. Notifications can help you reach the right audience at the right time. 

For example, something posted two hours ago is now “old” by Twitter standards. Twitter notifications give you the ability to act within seconds and gain the most current industry information. So, translate that knowledge into sales and increased opportunities with your customers and business partners. 

Twitter notifications

Access your settings within Twitter to make sure your notifications are turned on! Listen to what is being said. Also, you can leverage this Twitter strategy and turn it into sales and increased opportunities with your customers and business partners. 

Monitor competitors

Twitter allows you to hear what other people are saying in real time. With Twitter’s search option, you can discover what people are talking about within the mortgage industry. Also, if you use Twitter, it is likely that other local loan officers do too. So, keep an eye on what is happening. 

Plan ahead

Create a strategy for your tweets and see what works best for you, rather than blindly tweeting. This gives you an edge on other loan officers who may not be tweeting strategically. Also, it will help you build stronger relationships with your customers as you interact. 

Engage with borrowers 

Posting information about your business, and success stories is what Twitter is for. But, you have the ability to take this one step further. Another Twitter strategy is simply participating in Twitter, instead of posting. Use it to communicate with clients and business partners, rather than pushing product announcements at them. 

Develop the kind of image that attracts your potential customers. While doing so, you begin to define your brand as a loan officer.  


Twitter uses hashtags to index keywords and topics. They allow people to easily follow topics they are interested in. Hashtags always start with # but do not work if you use spaces, punctuation, or other symbols. 

Twitter hashtags

Make sure to use hashtags in your tweets to help your target audience find you. Use relevant and specific hashtags, and limit the number you use. More isn’t always better. The best hashtags tend to be relatively short and easy to remember.

Including hashtags in your tweets means taking part in a wider conversation happening on Twitter. They make your posts visible in that conversation thread. Use the right hashtags in your Tweets and start gaining traction for being an industry leader.

Blog posts

Use your online marketing efforts and showcase your blog! You should always share your company’s blog posts on all social media accounts for cross-promotion.

Jungo’s The Mortgage Update blog posts are another great resource to share. Enhance your Twitter profile and educate your borrowers with tips and tricks found in the articles! If articles from other sources are industry-related, don’t be afraid to share those as well for more engagement. Be sure to include hashtags. 

Create business networks

Along with other social media platforms, Twitter is a great networking tool. An active Twitter presence gives you the chance to interact with people you may never have the chance to connect with otherwise. These people may become business partners, potential clients, helpful resources, or more. Search the platform to see who else is using Twitter within the mortgage industry. Get those conversations going and follow other accounts to put your name out there! 

Bottom line

Successful loan officers use Twitter strategies to improve their understanding and insights with key targets. Twitter helps you to easily stay current on industry trends. These are all nuggets of information that you can use to make your mortgage business more successful. After all, an educated loan officer is a successful loan officer. Explore your Twitter strategies today!