Here’s Why You Need to Be Using Single Property Sites


Here’s Why You Need to Be Using Single Property Sites

Jungo CRM Single Property Sites

It should come as no surprise to you that online marketing is becoming increasingly important to a loan officer’s success. There are many ways to approach this challenge. Including, starting a blog or running your own social media accounts. You could also create your own website, or even design single property sites.

Jungo CRM Single Property Sites
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More and more buyers are starting their home buying process online. By extension, that means that they are starting their mortgage process online. After all, most people only need a mortgage once they’re ready to buy a home. 

Let’s take a look at some numbers:

The Home Search Experience is Changing

With the rise of Zillow and similar sites, home buyers have even more ability to control their own buying experience. They may prefer to search for a home from the comfort of their living room couch. Or, they may enjoy in-person open houses. Either way, the internet brings them the ability to customize virtually every step along the way.

Because of this, it’s even more critical that loan officers capture leads at the beginning of their home buying journey. By reaching potential borrowers when they start searching, loan officers have a chance to reach more new leads. 

Relationships with Realtors

92% of all home buyers worked with a real estate agent when buying a home. Therefore, it’s critical to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with realtors. 

You may be just beginning to build relationships with realtors. Or perhaps, you’re a seasoned pro. Either way, there’s always room to grow. Professional partnerships are one of the most valuable resources you can have as a loan officer. Part of strengthening these relationships is bringing valuable resources to your realtor partners. After all, they’re also very busy people. And they will greatly appreciate the time you spend helping them marketing their listings.

By doing so, you will greatly increase that they will then recommend you to their home buyers.

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Single Listing Property Sites

If you were to ask a realtor partner, they’d be quick to tell you that one of the most popular ways to market a home is a single listing property site. This website has a unique URL, and is specifically created to showcase a home’s details.

In addition to these basics, single property sites may also feature photos of the home and interactive maps of the neighborhood. Most importantly, property sites include the ability to contact the listing’s real estate agent. By partnering with your realtor partner, you can also co-brand these websites so that your contact information is included.

Wondering how a property site can be used to market a newly listed home? There are many ways that single property sites can be used to reach potential buyers.

Online Marketing

One of the easiest ways to market via a single listing property site is–not surprisingly–online. Both loan officer and real estate agent can easily post a link to the property site on their own company website. This will earn valuable exposure from any visitors to their main web page.

Additionally, it’s important to take advantage of social media! By posting a property site on social media, realtor and loan officer are reaching an audience that may not normally see recent home listings. Followers will love being able to click on the shared link and see all the details and photos of the home. Plus, if the seller wants to spread the word about their listing, they could even post the link on their own social media. That way, interested friends and family can see all the details of their beautiful home!

Real Estate Flyers, EDDM Postcards, and For Sale Signs

In the more physical realm, single property sites can even be impactful when developing more traditional marketing. When creating real estate flyers, EDDM postcards, or even for sale signs, you can include a digital element. Try adding the unique website URL to your printed materials. That way, interested viewers can check out the home quickly. And they won’t have the hassle of trying to find the property online themselves.

Looking for an even more technology savvy way to spread the word about the listing? Consider adding a QR code to your printed materials. Anyone with a smartphone can scan this code, and the listing’s personalized property site will open immediately!

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Bottom Line

Co-marketing with real estate agent partners takes some extra effort on the loan officer’s part, but it is very valuable. After all, developing professional relationships is one of the best ways to earn referrals. Plus, helping realtors in their business will expose your name to brand new leads as well.

Single property sites are a great way to dive into digital co-marketing. And don’t be intimidated! You don’t need web design experience to create amazing single property sites.

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