Interview with a Power User: Jeremy Forcier Part 1


Interview with a Power User: Jeremy Forcier Part 1

Jungo Interview Jeremy Forcier

Interview with a Power User:
Jeremy Forcier Part 1

This month we are starting a series about Power users. Power users are defined as people who are using Jungo to its full capabilities. They have built the system out, scaled up, and know Jungo from inside out.

This week we are starting with a user that has been with Jungo from the very beginning, Jeremy Forcier.

Kay: Hi Jeremy, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself.

Jeremy: Well, my name is Jeremy Forcier with People’s Home Equity. I have been in the industry since July of 2004. I live in Sonoma County, California.

Kay: Great! How did you hear about Jungo?

Jeremy: I think I was like the 4th user or something crazy like that, a very low number. So, I am trying to think of where I heard about it. I think I met Mike in 2005 though.

Kay: Wow, super early on. Since using it, how have you seen improvements to your business?

Jeremy: That’s such a loaded question, I mean it does everything for me so it’s hard to say. I have quadrupled my business since I started using Jungo. Its helped me not only from a personal production stand point but also to grow my entire organization. In the last 4 years while keeping my personal production at $100,000,000 plus, I have also opened 14 other branches and locations and it’s so easy to manage everyone with Jungo. Just the way it syncs with our LOS, all the different API’s that it has, the reports for team work. It keeps things from slipping through the cracks. It’s a game changer. You can also teach other people how to drive their production through simple things like tasks and workflow’s

Kay: So true. One of the coolest things about Jungo is how customizable it is, so how have you changed Jungo to match your process?

Jeremy: Yeah! I have a lot going on in there. I always tell everyone to really master tasks, calendar, and email and how those 3 things work together first. That’s always the first step to being efficient because the basics are always going to be the foundation of any great process. That’s how I always start teaching everyone on my team. There should always be another task. If a contact does not have a task something is wrong. Everything should always shave a perpetual process. Always following up. As far as customization, once you master tasks, calendar, and email, I started working on workflows. For example, when a new lead comes in, there is a workflow to create tasks for myself, my assistant, and a processor. Those kind of simple workflows, are really important.

Kay: Right, and Jungo comes with set workflows for stages, but it sounds like you have really applied them to what you are doing now.

Jeremy: Yeah everything is an evolution. I am about as simple as they come. I always want to make that clear. I am very good in Jungo, but I am not a tech guru. Keep it simple. Yes, you can build it to do what you want, but if you aren’t going to use it then what is the point. Look at how it’s already set up first.

Kay: Mike says that all the time. How important it is to master tasks before you start building out the system and it sounds like you really support that.

Jeremy: Yes, I do.

Learn the basics, jump right in, and customize for your process.

These are great tips! We will have more from Jeremy on the Mobile app, set-up, and ROI next week!

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