Automate Your Process: Part 1


Automate Your Process: Part 1

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Automation. Everyone wants it, but few people have a plan to implement it. In theory, the idea of having a system, like Jungo, that can run everything for you behind the scenes is great but at the end of the day it is still software and it only works when you tell it what it needs to automate. That’s where people tend to get held up. So, what I want to do in this series is talk about the different types of automations, their purpose, and how to apply them.

Part 1 is going to be covering action automation.

What is an action automation?

Action automation’s are any workflow that results in an action item for the user. An example would be when a new lead comes in and a task is set to call them right away. So, the action would be “to call someone.”

Why are these important?

Action items determine your day. Your task list and calendar should be a direct result of these action items, so they are super important to make sure you are getting to the right people quickly and spending your day doing the highest priority action items.

What are some great action Workflows to set in place?

  1. The New Lead workflow that triggers a follow up task(s) to call the new lead once they are entered into Jungo (and to keep following up with them).
  2. The Credit Impaired workflow triggers a task for the loan officer to follow up with the client 60 days down the road.
  3. A task to order a closing gift after the loan closes and the closing date is entered
  4. Different types of tasks throughout the loan process.
    • Following up on the appraisal (to make sure they get it from the Appraiser).
    • Following up with the borrower to go over conditions after Approval.
    • Following up with borrower regarding documents that are still needed.

As you can see action workflows are extremely important for setting up each day to be the most productive it can be. Make sure to make a case with support if you need help getting your action workflows up and running!

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