Automate Your Process: Part 2


Automate Your Process: Part 2

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Automation. Probably the most important part of implementing any software into your company’s daily routine is automation. As we talked about last time, in theory the idea of having a system like Jungo, that can run everything for you behind the scenes is great, but at the end of the day it is still software and it only works when you tell it what it needs to automate.

Last time we talked specifically about “action automation’s. In review, action automation’s are any workflow that results in an action item for the user. An example would be when a new lead comes in and a task is set to call them right away. The action is “to call someone.”

Today we are talking about marketing automation.

So, first of all, what is an Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is any workflow that results in a piece of marketing being sent out. An example would be when a new lead comes in and a “Prospective Home Buyer Campaign” is started.

Why are these important?


Automating your marketing is what will give you back the time to perform high-income-opportunity items like making phone calls. Without automation you will be stuck creating, distributing, and setting off marketing pieces all day. Marketing pieces that people may never even see or interact with.

What are some great Marketing Workflows to set in place to start keeping your marketing consistent and relevant?


The following are 3 examples provided by the success team here that we feel are the most beneficial marketing automation’s to have set up.

  1. Loan Milestone Updates
      • These are incredibly useful for updating all interested parties on changes to their loan. These can be customized to send to both the borrower, co-borrowers, and transaction partners on the loan and can be sent as either emails, text messages, or both.
      • Make sure to customize each milestone to send to the appropriate parties and in the appropriate format.
  2. Drip Marketing Campaigns
      • These are time dependent marketing automations that will slowly drip marketing pieces on clients every week or, however often you wish them to send out. They are perfect for keeping your clients focused on the end result of closing their loan or refinancing with you. These can also change automatically from campaign to campaign based on your client’s stage with you: lead, in process, or closed.
      • These are not exclusive to clients. There are also campaigns for realtors and CPAs to promote client referrals and good partnerships. It’s important to keep constant streams of marketing going so that you are keeping your business in the forefront of your clients and partners minds.
  3. Holiday Mass Emails
      • Keep your customer service through the roof with automated Holiday Mass Emails. Simply schedule up the email to send to the list of contacts you wish to receive it and then forget about it. The day of that holiday, everyone will receive a personalized holiday email from you!
      • There are tons of Holiday email available inside of Jungo: Mother’s day, Father’s day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and more. Each holiday has 2-3 designs to choose from.

As you can see marketing workflows are extremely important for making sure your clients and partners are thinking about moving forward with you. Make sure to make a case with support if you need help getting your marketing workflows up and running!

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