Top 13 Mortgage Podcasts Successful Loan Officers Should Subscribe To

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Top 13 Mortgage Podcasts Successful Loan Officers Should Subscribe To

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With more than 383.7 million global podcast listeners per month, it’s no secret that podcasts have become a wildly popular content medium in recent years. Podcasts are now an invaluable tool for learning about a multitude of subjects — the mortgage business included. 

If you’re a mortgage loan officer looking for new mortgage podcasts to plug into, you’ve come to the right place.  

Here are the 13 best mortgage podcasts you can listen to right now for helpful tips, continuing education, and industry news from top loan officers and mortgage brokers.  

Mortgage podcasts:

With over 200 episodes, The Loan Officer Podcast is “everything you should have learned in high school but didn’t, because it was not taught.” Dustin Owen and John Coleman host this podcast and strive to be entertaining, educational, motivating, and inspiring. Each episode is designed to bring value to those who own homes, those looking to buy a home, those that finance homes, those that sell homes, along with those in sales or those that run businesses. 

At his core, Owen is a Loan Officer. Although his career has afforded him opportunities beyond being an LO, such as executive leadership within the mortgage industry, ownership in a real estate development company and various opportunities to participate in angel investments which supply seed funds to tech-based start-up companies, being a mortgage loan originator was his first passion. Coleman is the producer and not a mortgage professional, but his natural curiosity and lack of formal knowledge into most of the show’s topics make him Owen’s ideal co-host. 

Mortgage Marketing Radio

Recommended episodes:

  1. Episode 241: The Blueprint for Closing 575 Units Per Year
  2. Episode 244: How to Discover Your Brand DNA
  3. Episode 234: Why Your Social Media Strategy Matters

With over 200 episodes surpassing 600,000 downloads, the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast is perfect for loan officers looking to grow their business. Podcast host and author of Instant Referrals for Mortgage Professionals, Geoff Zimpe, provides weekly in-depth insight regarding the latest tools and resources mortgage professionals can use to thrive.

Mortgage Marketing Radio had held interviews with industry experts such as Sales Mastery’s very own – Todd Duncan, Dave Savage – CEO and Co-Founder of Mortgage Coach, and Nicole Reuth – one of Fairway Independent’s top producers.

Geoff Zimpfer is a former national sales trainer with Tony Robbins and has been in the real estate industry since 2003. As a mortgage originator he consistently ranked among the top 5% in production nationwide. After ten years in production Geoff accepted a position as a National Sales Trainer with a top ten direct lender. He’s the author of two books; Instant Referrals for Mortgage Professionals and his most recent book; Disrupt or Die: How to Survive and Thrive the Digital Real Estate Shift.

Mortgage Marketing Radio is a highly-acclaimed, weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you the truth within mortgage marketing. Each week, you’ll hear what’s really working from top producers, the latest tech tools to be more productive, and marketing resources to help expand your business. 

The Housing News podcast is a weekly interview show covering the most important topics happening in mortgage, real estate, and proptech. Hosted by Clayton Collins and produced by Elissa Branch, Collins dives in with a new mortgage or real estate executive each week to cover various industry themes, including remote working as a loan officer, current housing supply and demand, and navigating joint ventures.  

With such a wide array of industry-related subjects, Housing News is sure to provide a new nugget of information during each listen. No matter your current experience level, all industry professionals ranging from real estate economists to mortgage technology solution CEOs can gain great insight on how to amplify a successful loan officer operation.  

Created by mortgage professionals for mortgage professionals, Lykken on Lending is a weekly 60-minute podcast tackling all things real estate, all the time. Hosted by industry veteran, David Lykken, each episode features segments including MBA Mortgage Minute, Macro Market Update, Legislative Update, Tech Update, and a Hot Topic segment to keep listeners in the loop.  

Dissecting such distinct aspects of the real estate industry help loan officers and other mortgage professionals kick their skills and services up a notch. From current industry analysis to tips on creating a cohesive and collaborative real estate team, Lykken on Lending is one of the most diverse and best mortgage podcasts around.  

The Loans on Demand podcast is for loan officers and mortgage brokers who understand that technology will either crush their business or transform it. Luke Shankula tells the stories of countless loan officers who have adapted and transformed their business models to dominate in this digital era.

Also, The Loans On Demand Podcast is a show that helps loan officers flip the status quo on real estate agents and put loan officers in the driver’s seat.

First beginning her real estate career back in 1995, Mortgage Mom Radio podcast host, Debbie Marcoux, now hops on the mic every week to share her wealth of lending knowledge. With total closed loan amounts well into the thousands throughout her career, Debbie covers a robust collection of topics ranging from cryptocurrency home buying to the analysis of numerous loan options. 

Whether your clients are first-time buyers or looking to refinance their existing homes, the Mortgage Mom Radio podcast has you covered with guidance on numerous loan officer-related processes.  

The Million Dollar Mortgage Experience is a loan officer podcast developed by the FundLoans mortgage lender company. Rather than center the focus on traditional lending topics, the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience brings the focus to ideas commonly forgotten by mainstream lenders. 

Are you dealing with clients who are self-employed or encounter lending roadblocks due to old credit issues? Yep, the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience is there to help. Podcast host and CEO of FundLoans, Jon Maddux, supplies countless money-making tips and industry insight each week to help loan officers thrive in the Super Jumbo and Non-QM loan space.  

The Laugh, Lend, and Eat podcast by Fobby Naghimi is a great podcast to catch up with the evolving conversations surrounding all things mortgage, real estate, and marketing. Sitting down with a new industry professional each episode, Fobby dives deep into countless invaluable subjects, like leadership and recruitment practices and technology innovation throughout the mortgage industry.  

Topics range from “How to create a brand” to “AI replacing humans in the mortgage industry. Being in the mortgage business since 1994, Fobby draws on his wealth of experience to ask the right questions. The answers provide the audience with a wealth of information that they can use in any line of business.

With a new episode airing every month, loan officers and other real estate industry professionals will want to tune in to ensure their business is in accordance with current industry conversations — and if it’s not, you know Fobby will catch you up to speed in minutes.  

17-year mortgage industry champion, Phil Treadwill, developed his Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast to help real estate professionals of all types advance their businesses and skills. With well over 100 episodes, this mortgage podcast heavily focuses on learning how to create and convert more potential client opportunities through effective marketing practices. 

The Mortgage Marketing podcast focuses on a wide variety of mortgage industry practices, including audience engagement, lead generation, real estate trends, and sales mastery. You can also expect a visit from a different industry professional each week for an even more granular take on other professional operations and opinions.  

Already having crafted multiple highly-acclaimed training programs, including the Client Acceleration Formula and the 7-Figure Lender Academy, Doren Aldana provides loan officers with the industry knowledge they need to close more deals (with less effort) on his mortgage podcast.  

As one of the top five brokers in all of Canada, Doren uses the Art of Mortgage Marketing podcast to help both beginner and expert-level loan officers identify marketing process flaws, and shares the steps to overcome them. The podcast is rich with industry trends that can be used to enhance current marketing practices and grow your business, regardless of ongoing market challenges.  

Getting her start in real estate over 25 years ago, Jo Garner is a mortgage officer with robust knowledge in tailoring individual loans to efficiently work with clients looking to purchase or refinance a home or business. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to get into fixer-upper real estate or a loan officer deciphering down payment assistance programs, Jo’s got you covered.  

Her podcast covers a wide variety of topics that bring value to experienced loan officers as well as individuals excited to venture into the real estate market — homeowners included. However, don’t be fooled that these topics are beginner only. With such an expansive career, Jo’s mortgage podcast covers all of the bases.  

Podcast host Carl White is the founder of The Mortgage Marketing Animals loan officer coaching program as well as The Freedom Club. The Loan Officer Freedom podcasts support loan officers worldwide. Each episode is packed with valuable information for both beginning and veteran loan officers. 

Learn how to maximize working only 32 hours per week and increase your loan production income by following White’s proven marketing strategies. This allows listeners to maximize their time and do what they want to do. Want to learn how you, too, can increase your business while working less hours? 

Simple and to the point, the Loan Officer Leadership podcast wants its listeners to close more loans in less time. This weekly podcast focuses on tactics and tools to grow leadership skills and business revenue. Podcast host Steve Kyles meets weekly with industry leaders to provide information on topics such as gaining more loans and expanding production numbers. 

Ready to take your mortgage business to the next level? The Next Level Loan Officers podcast covers in-depth conversations with top names in the industry. This includes mortgage team leaders, executives, and branch managers from all around the country. One of their main features is providing mastermind sessions with influential coaches and speakers from the industry. 

The coaches behind the Next Level Loan Officers podcast, including Kenneth Travis, Kellen Vaughan, Sean Zalmanoff, and more,  have been originating loans for decades. They are still active in the industry and ready to pass on their knowledge in each podcast episode. Listen in to learn how to stand out in the industry and still be your authentic self. 

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