How To Get Mortgage Referrals and Earn Repeat Business

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How To Get Mortgage Referrals and Earn Repeat Business

how to get mortgage referrals

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It’s important to know how to get mortgage referrals if you want to grow your pipeline. After all, having a sustainable referral strategy is a profitable tool every loan officer needs. So, keep reading to learn how to get mortgage referrals and earn repeat business.

how to get mortgage referrals

How to Get Mortgage Referrals

Knowing how to get mortgage referrals from past clients is one of the most valuable things you can learn. By delighting your borrowers, you’re investing in your future pipeline. After all, these are the people who will recommend your services to their family and friends who need a mortgage. So, it’s important to go above and beyond for all of your clients so they have a reason to want to refer your business. 

Focus On Creating Positive Client Experiences

So, how can you go above and beyond for your clients? Focus on creating positive experiences. Consider incorporating video into your marketing strategy. Not only will this help you stand out, but it also allows you to personalize your message and build stronger relationships.

Also, getting a loan can be stressful for inexperienced borrowers. So, make it as easy as possible by presenting their different options in an appealing way that anyone can understand. 

Connect With Clients Through Email Marketing Campaigns

Nurturing your closed clients is a great way to ensure that they remember you. So, after they close, make sure that you continue to provide value to them with email drip marketing campaigns. 

Writing, editing, and sending emails to your database can be time-consuming and difficult. Luckily, some mortgage marketing platforms, such as Jungo, come built out with email campaigns already. Jungo’s post-closing marketing email campaigns drip to your closed customers once a month for up to two years. Automated campaigns such as this are a great way to ensure that you are the first person your borrower thinks of when they have any mortgage needs. 

Thank Your Clients With Post-Close Marketing

After you close a borrower’s loan, you should thank them for their business in a meaningful way. So, you could send a handwritten card, or even drop a dessert or other treat off at their front door. After all, this is a best practice that many top-producing loan officers do. 

However, as you continue to grow as a loan officer, you’re going to be closing many loans each month, so it can be very difficult to remember to thank each client. So, take these tasks off your to-do list, and let Jungo manage your post-closing gifts and cards!

Delight Clients With Gifts and Cards

Jungo’s Concierge Program lets you order customized and branded gifts and cards for your clients and referral partners, right from your CRM. With just the click of a button, set your borrower up to receive a series of gifts and cards. That way, you can celebrate special occasions, holidays, and birthdays with them.

Your clients will be delighted by these thoughtful and personalized packages. And best of all, you won’t have to make a single trip to the post office. Earning mortgage referrals and repeat business from your client database has never been easier. 

Develop Weekly Call Lists 

Top producers agree that phone calls are one of the most powerful tools in a loan officer’s marketing arsenal. However, picking up the phone is difficult to do. Not only is call reluctance a very real challenge, but it’s also difficult to know who you should be calling in the first place. 

A great way to approach calling your closed clients is to set a goal, such as calling your entire database of closed clients once, or even twice a year. But, how do you actually accomplish this? Well, Loan Officer Monica Jones points out that if you call all of your closed clients whose name starts with the letter “A” this week, and then continue to call one letter from the alphabet a week, you will call your entire database in six months. 

By calling all of your closed borrowers twice a year, you’ll be showing your customers that you prioritize staying in touch with them. This will help you earn more mortgage referrals. Plus, staying in close contact with your clients means that you’ll always be available to help.

Create Talking Points

So, once you do get on the phone with a past customer, what will you say? Well, before you give them a call, look them up in your CRM. Is their birthday coming up? See what they are planning to do to celebrate. Or, perhaps their loan anniversary was just last week. This is a great chance to see if they have any questions about their mortgage payments. 

How to get mortgage referrals with jungo

Let Your Technology Work for You

A huge benefit of the software stack that most of today’s loan officers have at their fingertips is being able to let your technology work for you. So, take advantage of the automation that your CRM gives you, and watch your mortgage referrals skyrocket in response. 

For your post-closing marketing efforts, decide what needs to happen every time you close a customer’s loan. Perhaps you would like to place them on an email campaign, set a reminder to call them to check in three months from their closing date, and order a thank you gift to be sent to them. Plus, don’t forget to send your referral partner a thank you gift and card too! 

All of this can be automated in your Jungo account with automated workflow processes. With just a click of your mouse, make all of these post-closing marketing actions happen. No more wasted time on your part and your mortgage referrals will jump up because of your great customer service. 

how to get mortgage referrals with technology

Have Multiple Referral Sources 

Your closed clients will always be a great referral source, but knowing how to get mortgage referrals from other sources is crucial. Having business contacts such as realtors can be worth your while. Realtors are always talking to people that are looking to purchase a new home, and they’re going to need someone to finance it. So, building strong relationships with realtors can be mutually beneficial. 

Become a Resource for Your Referral Partners 

Knowing how to get mortgage referrals is only half the battle, you need to know how to keep them. In order to have a sustainable referral strategy, it is important to become a resource for your referral partners. After all, it is supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship. So, serve as their trusted advisor and provide value to them. Update your business partners with the current market. Provide tips for your clients to raise their credit scores. By being their go-to advisor for all of their mortgage needs, they’ll be more likely to keep giving you referrals. 

Bottom Line

Knowing how to get mortgage referrals will set you apart from your competition. Having a strong mortgage referral strategy is key to growing your pipeline. It’s important to develop a complete strategy to target your clients through emails, calls, gifts, and cards. This is an effective way to guarantee that you will be their preferred loan officer in the future.

Also, automating your marketing efforts will help you create sustainable business growth. With this strategy, you can focus on the high-value tasks that you are uniquely qualified to complete.