Returning to Work? How to Create a Welcoming Office Environment


Returning to Work? How to Create a Welcoming Office Environment

Returning to work

Working remotely may be coming to an end for some mortgage teams. Changes need to be implemented in order to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone returning to work.

Returning to work

You may be wondering how to make your office return to “normal” after the surge of COVID-19. Complete normalcy may still seem far-off. But, there are several things that you can implement to make the office space fun and welcoming again! Taking care of your team as they are returning to work will encourage a strong work ethic and overall company spirit.

Here’s how! 


Craft a back-to-work plan with everyone’s best interest in mind. Gain the insight you need to return safely. Then you are able to have your mortgage team back to work in the best way possible.

Begin by bringing back the staff that you need. By staggering when people return, you can reduce health risks to all of your employees. Scheduling rotating shifts and maintaining social-distancing policies helps to avoid full office occupancy. Take a look around your office space and visualize best practices for your unique layout.

Set New Rules

From in-person meetings, to even shaking hands, much has been disrupted by the pandemic. As employees are returning to work, we’ll continue to see changes.

It may be necessary to increase the distances between cubicles and desks. Encourage your staff to strengthen hygiene procedures such as reminding them to wash their hands regularly (and correctly), wiping down surfaces. Don’t forget to provide materials like hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks.

Remind employees to stay home when they are sick. Team meetings, as well as in-person meetings may be limited. Alternatives such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings will continue to allow for safe conversations even when back in the office.

Get the Message Across

Wondering how to make the office environment exciting and fresh? New decorations, motivational signs, inspirational quotes and personal touches go a long way.

Investing in good lighting can help to avoid eyestrain. Add plants around the office for stress reduction, more oxygen and ambiance. And put your company culture on display with slogans, goals, and motivation. An example of this is up-lifting office signs.

One glance at a positive and productive poster can change an employee’s entire mood and work productivity for the day. You could create your own flyers and graphics to lift the office mood.  Or, check out our weekly Power Hour poster that you can download and use for free!  No more wondering who to call or when.

Show Empathy

Some people may be hesitant about returning to work in the office. So, it is up to you to show that you are prioritizing the physical and mental safety of your employees. This will build trust and open communication between you and your team.

Small things like commuting to work or even sharing a space with colleagues will require some adjustments.

Develop a re-orientation process and set up plenty of one-on-one meetings to regularly check-in on employees. Communication is key as we all transition back to an in-person work environment.

Bottom Line

There is no perfect plan for bringing your team back into the office. So, ask employees for specific suggestions they may have on how to minimize risk and slow the spread. This is a learning process for all. But, with a little creativity and adjustment, it can be accomplished!

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