Three Mortgage Automations You Should be Using in 2018


Three Mortgage Automations You Should be Using in 2018

Starting your year off right: three mortgage automations you should be using

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With the new year comes new resolutions, and we hope one of yours is to utilize Jungo more! So, let us help with three mortgage automations you should be using this year if you aren’t already.


If you haven’t started utilizing Reffinity’s automations, you are missing out. Reffinity reports can be automated to send weekly reports to your most important realtor partners. This consistent update will be a huge plus for your partners, and guarantees they are always in the know. Reffinity reports can be automated to send weekly for up to 5 years. They will include a list of all your referrals from this partner in your pipeline, as well as your last interactions you had with their clients.

Loan Process Checklist

There are two ways to automate your Loan Process Checklist. First, you can do it with your LOS Sync, or you can also do it with your check boxes and loan statuses. Once these are automated you can take your mind off those frequent updates and focus on high-income opportunities like actually meeting with clients and partners.

LOS Sync

If you have an LOS Sync, then you can set up this automation to work with the sync. When the sync comes over and updates the corresponding checkbox, your templates can be sent out to borrowers and partners, alerting them to the change.

Loan Status and Checkboxes

If you don’t have the sync, a great option is to turn on the automation that sends out an email update whenever they progress checkbox is reached. To go a step further, you can connect loan statuses to their corresponding checkboxes so that once the loan status changes, the checkbox will then be activated and send out that template, eliminating the need to check off every check box manually.


Keep yourself up-to-date with reports that send to you automatically every week as your pipeline changes and grows. Pick some useful reports, like a pipeline report, closed reports this week, or an activity report that shows all the closed tasks and calls from that week. Then, simply set up the report to be emailed to yourself every week. That way, you can always check-in on your account.

Mortgage automations can make your business run smoothly. They give you the freedom to complete other tasks while marketing and follow-ups go out on your behalf. Matching your automation to your day-to-day plan is a huge part of setting up your Jungo account. Make sure that your automations are set-up to perfectly fit your processes.