Doing This One Thing Will Increase Past Client Referrals, Overnight


Doing This One Thing Will Increase Past Client Referrals, Overnight

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How many times have you found out that a past client bought another house without your help?


You don’t have to answer that. We know, it stings.

All the hard work you put into servicing your client to get them into the home of their dreams and just like that, on the next transaction, they’ve forgotten you.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that feels this pain! Losing a past client hurts.

So, let’s go into LaLaLand for a little bit. Imagine if you knew the exact moment any past client was looking for a house or wanted a new loan. All you’d have to do is call them to get the ball rolling. That’d be like money flying from the sky, right?

Raining Past Client Referrals

Well, we know that isn’t quite a reality. We don’t have technology that reads minds with 100% accuracy, yet. We do, however, have something that will get you pretty darn near close.

Here’s the new scenario… when one of your past clients, or anyone in your database for that matter, puts his or her house on the market, you get alerted. Now you won’t know for certain if your client wants to buy a new home or needs a new loan, but you can reach out right away to ask.

Chances are pretty high, though, that if they just sold their home, they will be looking for a new place to live that may or may not need a mortgage.

So, with this, we unveil to you, the 30-second pipeline filler. Jungo’s newest feature, Listing Alerts.


Know the minute a client lists their home for sale.


The Listing Alerts feature, a part of Jungo, notifies you when a past loan or client has a property that goes on the MLS. That’s right. If a past client’s home goes on the market, you’ll know. These alerts alone will put you ahead of the competition.


Be the First Person to Reach Out


You can choose to receive an email notification and/or have a task created within Jungo, so you can follow up immediately.

Your clients will be delighted to hear from you. Perhaps they misplaced your contact information, or they haven’t had a chance to even find your contact information. When you reach out promptly, you showcase your ability to be of service to them.


Past Client Referrals Are As Simple as Checking a Box


Is it really as simple as checking a box? Yes! You can choose to get notified on all of your contacts or selected contacts within Jungo, and launch Listing Alerts within thirty seconds.


Don’t miss your chance to engage with your database ever again.


Want to see Listing Alerts in action? Request a demo today!