Fostering Connections at NAMMBA’s Connect 2019


Fostering Connections at NAMMBA’s Connect 2019

Jungo Connect Booth

How to Do A Tradeshow Booth That Represents Your Culture


We just got back from Atlanta, Georgia for NAMMBA’s Connect 2019 show and it was a huge success! First of all, coming from California, we fell in love with the people in Georgia. You can’t beat that Southern charm! We also had an amazing time connecting with everyone that attended NAMMBA Connect 2019. 

Before I tell you why I think the show was a smashing success, let me give you a little bit of background info.

Here’s what our booth looked like:

Jungo Booth


Jungo Booth


Connect 4

We went all out and turned our trade show booth into a backyard BBQ party with an outdoor jumbo sized Connect 4 game.


Our mission at Jungo is to help mortgage and real estate professionals grow their businesses. We know for certain the best way to do so is to efficiently engage with clients and referral partners. This is why we built Jungo. Our software provides mortgage and real estate professionals a hub that fosters connections. 

Whether someone connects their LOS to Jungo to automate the loan process or another connects with their database through email drip campaigns that trigger at the perfect time, we facilitate connecting so professionals can grow their businesses.

So, at NAMMBA Connect 2019, we wanted our booth to exude connections! We invited people to come to our Backyard BBQ booth (with an actual invite) for snacks, refreshments and a healthy Connect 4 competition. 

The competition was this: Win an Apple Watch if you get the most wins on the leaderboard. 

Jungo Leaderboard

This could be achieved only by bringing someone new to the booth to play a game of Connect 4. Then, the person with the most wins, wins an Apple Watch.

So, here’s what MADE the event.

What we saw, beyond the light-hearted trash talking, was people shaking hands, exchanging business cards, and connecting with other conference attendees that they didn’t know before playing together. 

Mission accomplished!

Sometimes all we need is a healthy dose of competitive spirit to get our connections flowing. Or, of course, Jungo. ????