How Top Producing Loan Originators Use Jungo


How Top Producing Loan Originators Use Jungo

Jungo CRM for Top Producing Loan Originators
Jungo CRM for Top Producing Loan Originators

Whether you are just starting out in the industry, or you are a seasoned professional, there’s one thing you need to be one of the top producing loan originators: a plan. After all, the more organized you are, the less stressed you will be. No more worrying whether you remembered to follow up with a potential client, or if a referral slipped through the cracks.

Having a powerful tool at your disposal, like a CRM, provides you with a database and built-in follow up system from lead to close.

Jungo’s all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing solution provides mortgage and real estate industry professionals with the number one, high-quality mortgage ecosystem.

Having a powerful tool at your disposal, like a CRM, provides you with a database and built-in follow up system from lead to close.

Here are a few of Jungo’s top producing loan originators favorite tools:

Keep Your Ear to the Ground with Listing Alerts

Imagine getting an instant notification every time someone in your database puts their home on their market. It may sound like a pipedream, but think again!

Jungo CRM Top Producing Loan Originators

With Jungo’s listing alerts, you can be in the know right away. Then, you will be able to follow up efficiently and immediately, which means no more missed opportunities. Clients will also be impressed with your timeliness. Plus, they will be more likely to trust you with their mortgage needs in the future.

Automatically Sync Your Data with LOS Sync

The LOS Sync is a game changer. No more manual input and no more need to import or export your data! The Jungo LOS Sync add-on works with the most popular LOS systems, bidirectionally syncing data automatically. 

Therefore, you will only need one login throughout the day, since all of your loan information will be synced automatically. Even better, this completely eliminates the need for double data entry. So, you’ll be freed up to focus on the things that actually bring you loan officer success. 

Create Instant Pricing Presentations with Mortgage Reviews, Powered by Mortgage Coach 

Optimal Blue Pricing

Mortgage Coach is an industry leading tool that allows you to send mortgage pricing presentations to potential borrowers. With Jungo + Mortgage Coach, you can quickly send Mortgage Reviews and also Total Cost Analysis presentations, all from your CRM. 

“I knocked out six Total Cost Analysis presentations in 20 minutes using the Jungo’s Mortgage Coach integration. If only 50% of those people move forward with a loan, that’s $12,000.” - Jeremy Forcier, Jeremy Forcier Home Loan Group

With this integration, you don’t have to create new marketing materials or login to another platform. Hear more about the Jungo + Mortgage Coach integration here. Top producer, Wally Elibiary, discusses how he used the integration to increase his past client closed loans from 21 to 82 in the last year.

Make Referral Partners Love You with Reffinity

This unique Jungo feature was created specifically for our mortgage clients to stay connected to their referral partners. You’ll be able to keep your referral partners up-to-date by sending automated pipeline reports. 

You can also customize what these pipeline reports look like, and how often your partners will receive them. You can even automate the emails to send the most recent information to your referral partners every week for up to five years! In addition, with Reffinity, you can easily track which referral relationships are bringing in the most closed loans. 

Create Your Own Beautiful Real Estate Flyers with PrintPub

Optimize and grow your business by creating your own real estate flyers. Now you can create beautiful marketing materials for your listings in 15 minutes or less. Therefore, you can save time and money with PrintPub, so that you can spend your days actually selling.

For our clients in the mortgage industry, utilizing PrintPub to create co-branded marketing materials for your real estate partners is a great option. Your referral partners will appreciate the time and effort! Plus, your information can be included directly on open house or financing flyers, which increases your exposure.

Bottom Line

Jungo alone is one of the greatest tools you can utilize to grow your mortgage business and find loan officer success. With these built-in and add-on features, you can take your CRM and follow up to the next level. But don’t just take our word for it, request a demo today.

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