The Importance of Mobile Access to Your Database


The Importance of Mobile Access to Your Database

Jungo's SMS Solution

Find out how Jungo and the Salesforce® Mobile App has you covered when it comes to following up and keeping track of your database.

I think the most important question to answer first here is why does a company even look for, need, or rely on a CRM? And the simple answer is that we’re human. We forget things. Things start slipping through the cracks.

But a loan officer doesn’t have the luxury of being able to be a forgetful person when a single phone call can result in 5 to 7 action items that need to get done after that interaction.

For example, a call with a current client who is looking to make some home improvements and payoff their credit cards. After this interaction, you have to run the numbers. Let’s say that they have a current loan to value of 55% on a 460,000-dollar home and so you are recommending a cash-out refinance of 50-60,000 dollars. Well, after that we will want to send a report with loan comparisons, possibly start a drip campaign about refinancing and set a task to call them and answer any questions they have while filling out that loan application. Lots of items to complete, and what if that phone call happens in the car on the way to a soccer practice; are you going to remember to do all of them? Maybe, but maybe not.

Next example, is simply a discovery call with a new lead that was referred by a realtor partner. The number one thing to do is to get that client in Jungo, and note the conversation for your records. Maybe next you’ll need to generate a mortgage coach review by mortgage coach for them, launch a prospect home buyer campaign, give a list of next steps and documents needed, and assign a production assistant to track those documents. Maybe you will send a thank you card to your referral partner and then update them consistently on that leads progress with you. So, there are many things to do, and this particular call is one you are hopefully having almost every day with someone. So, how do we keep track of all of these things we have to do? Well that’s where Jungo steps in.

Jungo gives you instant access to your database and all of the marketing features with the Salesforce Mobile App. That means your loan, clients, and transaction partners, plus the ability to set off those drip marketing campaigns or automatons, all at your fingertips. As those examples show, you have a lot to remember and if you aren’t right in front of your CRM there is a very good chance you could forget to do all of them. With mobile access you can set tasks, start drip marketing, and update contacts from wherever you are.

In addition, with the market changing and millennial’s becoming the new home buyers, having access to your database at all times is necessary. Millennial’s don’t want to wait and they won’t wait for you to be in front of your computer. They want to know where their loan is at in the loan process at all times, not the next day. Give them the customer service they demand with access to their information from anywhere at any time.

Technology is changing, change with it with the Salesforce Mobile app.

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