How to Achieve Work Life Balance in the Mortgage Industry

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How to Achieve Work Life Balance in the Mortgage Industry

how to achieve work life balance

Are you feeling stressed about how to achieve work life balance in the mortgage industry? With the world opening up in new ways after years ruled by the pandemic, there may be more on your plate than ever before. You are capable of handling this workload, but time during quarantine and this new virtually-driven world may have you questioning how to achieve work life balance. 

So, consider these points below to keep your business, and your personal life, thriving. Also, remember that you are not alone in the struggle for a work life balance within the mortgage industry! 

how to achieve work life balance

How to Achieve Work Life Balance and Manage Home-Life and a Career

Day-to-day life along with work tasks can be exhausting. But, finding a balance allows you to excel in many ways. 

There’s no doubt that a work-life balance can be a struggle. A study from FlexJobs and Mental Health America (MHA) reported that 75% of workers have experienced burnout. Also, 40% of those polled said it was a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Many struggled with the blurring lines of work and home life. But, it is possible to maintain both a career and a life. You can feel peace with where you are at and where you are going. 

Accept Your Situation

There may be habits you can and should eliminate from your daily routines. For example, consider delegating administrative tasks to your team in the workplace, or splitting household responsibilities evenly between you and your partner. Consider enlisting hired help for your team at home or at work. However, all of this is easier said than done. So, there are some realities you need to accept.

You’ve heard the saying that life is a marathon, not a sprint. So, setting daily and weekly goals is important to help measure your success. After all, this is your situation, so comparing it to others is not helpful. Give yourself grace. Also, be sure to celebrate small wins that create your success!

Seek Support

Even while pursuing work life balance, being stressed sometimes is going to happen. No matter how perfectly you prepare, not everything will go to plan. Instead, focus on how you react to situations and the frame of mind you maintain within them. 

With that inevitable stress in mind, consider seeking help. If you spend hours driving your kids around, maybe hiring someone to help with your family for a few hours a day is just what you need to get a few extra client calls in.

Rather than being stuck in traffic, you can fully focus on your business for a chunk of time and then get back to your home-life. 

Work For Others

Perspective really is everything. So, be sure to approach your personal and professional relationships from a standpoint of love and empathy. No matter how difficult it may be, this attitude will not lead you astray. Putting in the effort is the first step. 

As you know, loan officers often work long hours to reach their professional goals. But, they should always make time to do special things for their loved ones as well so that these people also know they are a priority.

On the other hand, when you are working for your clients, and they know you have their best interests in mind to help them reach their financial and real estate goals, it will resonate. This is where future referrals and repeat customers come from. Your database of past clients who have entrusted you to guide them through the financing of their home loan will bring you great success in your professional career.

Focus on Values

Be sure to ask yourself, what are your values? These are crucial for learning how to achieve work life balance. If you focus on your values each day, you put in the work to maintain and achieve them. So, do not try to take shortcuts in life, either personally or professionally. Show up every day. Who are you showing up for? Yourself, your family, your co-workers, and your clients.

At work, your professional reputation is one of the most important parts of your brand, so protect it. At home, stay true to your beliefs and principles, and try not to say one thing and do another.

For many in the mortgage business, the values that get them to jump out of bed each day are passion, gratitude, and optimism. So, remember your “why.” 

Model Your Behavior

Empower those around you by letting them see your work ethic. Talk to your family about the work ventures and goals that you are working to accomplish. Bring work and life together in little ways to normalize your daily routines. 

But, be sure to turn off work completely at times and make separate time for your family. Also, if you can only do this in increments, then slowly add it into your life. Do not be halfway present in your daily routines.

Bottom Line

There is no perfect solution on how to achieve work life balance in the mortgage industry. Every person juggles their daily routines differently. But, focusing on values and time management can help level out the unique challenges. 

Also, realizing that these challenges never completely go away can help adjust your mindset to remember that you are not alone. These tips can help you throughout your career as you strive to learn how to achieve work life balance in the mortgage industry and beyond.