Customer Appreciation Event Ideas For Loan Officers

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Customer Appreciation Event Ideas For Loan Officers

Customer appreciation event ideas

It has been a challenging year for everyone, so now is the time to consider customer appreciation event ideas to reconnect with your clients. Although the meetings and events industry has been particularly hit hard by the pandemic, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

However, we still have some time to go before we return to a new norm. Not all venues are permitted to operate at full capacity. Also, the world of business events will still look very different as time goes on. But, customer appreciation event ideas are just as important as ever. So, adapt to these changes. 

This information then leads to the question: How do I show clients that I care about them to retain their business? These days, one of the most popular ways is by hosting a client appreciation event.

Customer appreciation event ideas

What is a Customer Appreciation Event?

A customer appreciation event is much more effective than just sending a birthday or holiday card and never meeting your client face-to-face. Most times, your client will just throw away that card without thinking twice about your company. But, if you invite them to something fun and engaging, they’ll appreciate the attention given.

Another positive about hosting a customer appreciation event ideas is the opportunity to acquire new referrals. Just imagine: if a friend of yours came back from an awesome event and told you about it, wouldn’t you want to be a part of that positive experience too? And if you allow your clients to bring friends, they can see how awesome you and your company are first-hand.

Build a Personal Network

Referrals sustain all successful loan officers. Leads are essential and necessary to build your database, but a solid base of referrals should be your foundation. 

Many mortgage originators have had to transfer from in-person events, to virtual, and now back to in-person possibilities. COVID-19 forced many to get creative with virtual client appreciation events. But, many were successful and still gained great business. A big part of being a successful loan officer is showing appreciation for your clients. 

Events have been a tried and true way to show gratitude, and now loan officers must find ways to do this while complying to certain social distancing laws. 

Planning a Customer Appreciation Event

There are several things you need to keep in mind when it comes to planning customer appreciation event ideas.

Versatile Activities

First, make sure it’s an activity that both adults and kids can enjoy. The idea is to allow both family and friends of your clients to come. This way they’re more likely to attend your event. Also, it shows that you really care about the most important people in your clients’ lives.

Reach Your Client Demographic

When choosing the activity, try to go with something that aligns well with your clients’ demographics and interests. Obviously, if the majority of your clients are in their 60s and 70s, it doesn’t make sense to plan an event geared for someone in their 20s or 30s.

Food and Drinks

Make sure you include food and beverages to accompany whatever activity you choose. Most venues will have catering options available, so this shouldn’t be too much of an extra headache. However this is something you’ll want to ensure is available at your intended event location.

Send Invitations

Who says customer appreciation event invitations have to be printed? Going paperless is a great way to save money, and digital wedding invitations can be as appealing as their physical counterparts. So, be sure to send out invites to your invitees so everyone is in-the-know.

Also, mass emails are a great solution, especially if you are short on time. Craft your invite, include a way to RSVP, and send it out. 

Jungo’s Mass Email Feature

Utilizing a CRM database that has marketing built in (like Jungo) will save you from having to login to multiple platforms. So, all of your contacts will be right there and ready for you to email immediately.

Additionally, because all of your data is in one place, you can generate reports and find out which of your mass mortgage emails are giving you the best ROI. 

When you invite people, don’t just limit it to your customers and their inner circle of friends and family – reach out to people you WANT as a customer. Get your prospect list out and start inviting! Community events can be a great source of new leads in addition to a chance to connect with current customers. 

Sell Yourself 

Bring lots of business cards, but try not to pitch or hard sell. While we’ve discussed that these events are a great way to attract new business, you want potential clients to be interested in your company on their own. You don’t want to induce any pressure on prospects during this event. Just have those business cards handy for when someone interested comes up to you. Trust us, if you plan your event right, you’ll need to give away plenty of them. 

Lean into Networking

Make sure there are opportunities to mingle during your event. You don’t want to spend all of your time with just a client or two. Make sure you leave time to shake hands and mingle with as many of your guests as you can, if not every one. That’s why you’re hosting it in the first place–you want to meet your customers face to face and get to know who they are away from the office.

Customer Appreciation Event Ideas

Many people, including clients, are missing face-to-face contact and still want to arrange to meet in person. With in-person gatherings becoming more possible for summer 2021, many loan officers can choose to partake if they would like. There are many go-to mortgage marketing ideas that loan officers commonly use. 

But, maybe with the surprises of the past year, it is time to take a different approach to events. There are little tips and tricks to jumpstart mortgage marketing plans for clients. So, generate a consistent and steady flow of high-quality mortgage leads without having to spend a fortune. 

We have included a list of customer appreciation event ideas for loan officers that can be done safely this summer. Check it out below!

Drive-In Theater

Clients can come and enjoy the movie together or from the safety of their cars, if preferred. Consider playing a sports event or a family-friendly movie! 

At-Home Photoshoots

As stay at home orders lift, you can hire a local photographer to take photos of your clients’ families in their homes After the shoot, print a photo for the family and frame it with a personalized note. This is a very personal touch that will make them feel appreciated and noticed. 

Ice Cream Social

Rent an ice cream truck so your clients can enjoy sweet treats and mingling. This is a great idea for the summer as the weather warms up!

Free Coffee Hour

As people have begun going back to work, now is a great time to collaborate with a local coffee shop. Have a number of coffees ready for pick up and host an open house. This idea works well for smaller communities as well!

Parents Night Out

For parents who have been cooped up at home with kids during quarantine. This can include any beverage, food, or even games. Consider hosting at a local park and involving local businesses and restaurants! 

Host an Outdoor Yoga Class

Work with a local studio to enjoy the good weather and support local businesses. Also, it is easy to spread yoga mats out six feet apart if needed! 

Bottom Line

Hopefully some of these unique customer appreciation event ideas inspire you. Anything is possible within the mortgage industry to please your clients and keep your networking alive. Successful loan officers share their ideas and think outside of the box. So, it’s this type of creativity and innovation that carries you through this summer and beyond. 

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