The Best of Business Text Messaging: Jungo SMS Upgrade

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

The Best of Business Text Messaging: Jungo SMS Upgrade

business text messaging

Business text messaging is an effective way to contact and engage with your customers and prospects. Loan officers are realizing the most effective way to engage their contacts is through the phone in their pocket. After all, 83% of consumers would like to receive business updates via text, but only 20% of businesses communicate this way.

It’s never been easier to start marketing through business text messaging. However, a lot of loan officers are missing out on the benefits of business text messaging because they are not sure where to get started. So, let Jungo be your guide and upgrade your communication strategy with Jungo SMS! 

business text messaging

Why Do You Need Business Texting?

Loan officers who engage in business texting are well-equipped to craft high-impact marketing. For many customers, mobile phones and texting are ubiquitous. 

If you want to reach customers directly, there is no better digital communications channel. So, access text messaging and update your clients on their loan process and more! 

What is SMS? 

SMS (short message service) is a text messaging service component supported by most telephone, internet, and mobile devices. SMS supports text messages of 160 characters or less.  

So, this form of business texting is helpful to update your clients. Send loan process updates, document confirmations, reminders, special offers, and more with business texting. 

Jungo CRM SMS Text

Jungo SMS 

Jungo’s CRM integrates with SMS messaging and allows you to communicate better than ever. As a loan officer, updating your borrowers on their loan application status can be extremely time consuming. So, utilizing texting makes communicating with clients and prospects effortless! After all, business texting is the most opened form of business communication. 

Jungo SMS integrates directly with Jungo so you can access and power customer communication from one login. Utilizing texting makes communicating with clients and prospects effortless! With Jungo SMS, you can easily send texts right from Jungo. You can even send a mass update to a group, and automate or schedule your text messages.

What’s New With Jungo SMS? 

Jungo SMS App Enhancements

No more switching back and forth between devices. You can have real time texting conversations with customers and partners from anywhere. Connect with your customers the way that they want with Jungo SMS upgrade!

With the most recent update, you can now send text messages directly from the Jungo homepage. Users can send a variety of types of text messages to connect with their leads, borrowers, and partners. Not sure how to add texting to your daily workflow? Consider these options:

  • Introductions and Greetings
  • Thank You to Referral Partners
  • Happy Birthday Messages
  • Announcements (Moved to a new company, client appreciation happy hour, local events and more)
  • Loan Status/Milestone Updates During the Loan Process
Jungo SMS App - Business Texting for Salesforce

Mass Text Messaging 

Easily mass text multiple contacts at once! With 98% of people opening their texts, the chances are great that your message is going to be seen by the people you want.

SMS Automations

Keep your borrowers updated on the status of their loan applications, easily schedule mass text messages, and save time while updating your referral partners.

A smooth closing leads to happier customers and more referrals. Jungo automatically sends dynamic in-process email updates as your client reaches important loan milestones such as “Submitted to Underwriting” and “Approved.” Sign up for a free demo to see it in action.

Also, you can do the same with the Jungo SMS texting updates. Reach your clients efficiently with text messages that keep them informed, and you more organized. It’s a win win! 

Send Images and Streamline Your Workflow 

With the most recent Jungo SMS upgrade, users can now send images via Jungo SMS and access previously sent images for easy resending. Users can also choose to receive incoming SMS messages as email notifications and respond directly to the SMS from their email inbox.

Jungo CRM SMS Text

One-On-One Business Text Messaging 

Schedule or send single texts in real time! The ability to text back and forth directly within Jungo is invaluable when it comes to keeping up with borrowers or past clients. This is business text messaging made simple.

LOS Sync App

Also, if you have the LOS Sync app, you can send loan process updates with Jungo SMS. The brand-new updates to Jungo SMS make texting more effective than ever!

Bottom Line

Jungo SMS allows you to focus on closing, not texting and helps you connect with your customers at just the right time. 

The team here at Jungo is always working hard to release new features and tools to make you even more efficient and effective. If you’re ready to get started with the industry’s most innovative CRM, request your demo today.