Jungo Rewards

Start Earning Jungo Rewards Today!

Use your Jungo Rewards towards your next subscription renewal to The Mortgage App or The Real Estate App. The more organizations you get to sign up, the more you SAVE on your annual renewal. Or, you can apply your Jungo Rewards towards adding a new user, Pro Service customizations, or any add-ons.

Jungo Rewards FAQ

Do My Jungo Rewards Expire?

Yes. When you earn Jungo Rewards by referring a friend, the rewards are redeemable for 1 year.

Is There A Limit To How Many People I Can Refer?

No! The more referrals you get to sign up, the more you save!

Who Can Earn Jungo Rewards?

All Jungo App subscribers.

Can I Transfer My Jungo Rewards?

No. Jungo Rewards are non-transferable.

Can I Refer New Users to My Account?

No, Jungo Rewards is only applicable to new clients that sign up for a new organization.