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The Key to More Mortgage Referrals? Referral Marketing That Closes.

Single Property Websites with The Property Listing

Boost your referral marketing with co-branded single property websites.

Co-Branded Email Marketing

Keep prospective home buyers educated and informed, together.

Real Estate Print Marketing with PrintPub

Make your marketing pop with open house flyers created right in your CRM.

Easy Referral Tracking with Reffinity

Know your most valuable referral relationships so you can keep growing them.

CRM Integrated Referral Tools Give You One Less Service to Manage

Build Long Term Relationships

Forge high trust, high value relationships, that last.

Co-Brand and Win More Business

Get more valuable business exposure to grow your business.

Easily Capture Leads

Your leads stay your leads, so you can own the revenue you've earned.

Save Time

Stop wasting time sending the same loan process and pipeline update emails to your partners.

Provide value to your realtor partners, in a snap.

6 Things You Should Know Before Getting Started With Referral Marketing

  1. Don’t Work With Realtors You Don’t Like

    If you want to develop a steady stream of referrals from realtors, you’re going to need to spend a lot of time developing relationships. So, be sure you like working with them before you start. If your values do not align, working with them could cause branding issues for you in the long term in exchange for short-term gain.

  2. Be Prepared for an Audit Before You Start

    If you make your loan officer marketing to realtors process audit-ready from the get-go, you’ll save time and eliminate headaches in the future. You can easily make it audit ready for compliance with a CRM.

  3. Email Marketing Isn’t Enough

    To get mortgage referrals from realtors, you’ll have to give them something of value. So, leverage email marketing, print real estate flyers, and co-branded property websites to truly win over realtor partners.

  4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

    The number one way to provide value to your realtor partners is to fund quickly, but we all know that already. A close second is to keep the real estate agent informed throughout escrow. If you use a service, like Reffinity, that automatically sends clients and realtor partners loan milestone emails based on loan progress, you’ll be able to keep everyone informed and not lose any sleep doing so.

  5. Don’t Stop Marketing After Closing

    Sending post-close gifts and cards is a great way to maintain client relationships after closing. Co-branding these gifts with your realtor partner will help you maintain a relationship with your realtor partner as well your client. In addition, co-branding can reduce your marketing costs. We suggest using an automated solution like this concierge program so you do not have to remember all those special dates.

  6. Always Split Payment (And Show Proof)

    If you are in the mortgage or real estate business, then you are probably familiar with RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act). In order to be compliant with RESPA, all loan officer/real estate agent marketing materials and expenses need to be split and documented.

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