Your All-in-One Mortgage and Real Estate CRM Tech Stack.

The most comprehensive Salesforce® solution for mortgage and real estate professionals.

Close more deals with seamless integrations, ready-to-send marketing, lead management and automation tools for success.

The only Salesforce solution for financial services.

Impress your clients with seamless integrations, ready-to-send marketing, and automation tools for success.

manage your mortgage leads

Build your pipeline with ready-to-send marketing and automations that give you more time to build relationships and earn more clients.

Jungo delivers powerful multi-channel marketing from one central platform. Get consistent branding across the board with improved ROI tracking.

Jungo helps you attract and build profitable relationships with referral partners. Easily customize Jungo’s flyers, emails, and post-closing cards with your branding.

Maintain compliance with Jungo’s on-demand audit-level distributions and payments. Track your results with customized reporting and make data-driven decisions for your specific business needs.

Simplify your database management with one centralized system. All activities and documents stay attached to the contact record. Grow your business with more organization in less time.

CRM Solutions

Mortgage CRM

Mortgage CRM

Oversee your entire team, automate repetitive tasks, and close more loans with Jungo’s enhanced marketing solutions. Jungo’s all-in-one mortgage CRM gives you the tools you need to grow your mortgage business.

Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM

Jungo’s Real Estate CRM allows you to improve your sales cycle with automatic milestone alerts and detailed client profiles. Also, track everything from listings, buyers, sellers, and referrals so you can work more efficiently.

Jungo SMS Texting

Jungo SMS Texting

Modernize the way you communicate and focus on closing, not texting. With Jungo’s business texting, you can update your clients with live data, create templates, measure deliverability, and improve customer service.

Why Jungo?

Reports & Dashboards

Jungo’s Reports & Dashboards within Salesforce allow you to easily customize your reports, track your referral partners, and more. Gain a complete overview of your business and full administrative oversight.

“Set It and Forget It” Email Marketing

A complete marketing library and drip email campaigns will free you up to focus on what matters: connecting with your customers.

Lead Management

Improve your sales process and never let a lead slip through the cracks. Jungo can automatically distribute leads to your team and assign follow up tasks to ensure a prompt response.

LOS System Integration

Jungo can automatically sync your Loan Origination Software loan data with your CRM. This supports the loan process from start to finish with dramatic efficiency, and it works with the most popular LOS systems.

Automated Partner Updates

With automated loan process updates, as soon as a loan moves to a new stage, updates are sent to your borrower and any relevant partners.

Post-Close Marketing

With Jungo’s Post-Close Marketing solution, you can send branded cards and gifts to closed clients and referral partners at the right time without ever having to think about it.


The only Salesforce solution for financial services, here to serve you and integrate with the best apps.

Proven Industry Success

Proven Industry Success