Work Life Balance for a Loan Officer in 2021

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Loan Pipeline Management

Work Life Balance for a Loan Officer in 2021

work life balance

A pain point that many people address at the start of a new year is finding a work life balance. Balancing your professional and personal life can be challenging, but it’s essential. What does work life balance look like for a loan officer? 

Mortgage professionals have faced months of record-breaking business volume this year. Also, in the midst of the global pandemic, this has not shown signs of slowing down. So, keep reading to learn how to improve your work life balance today. 

work life balance

Evaluate current work life balance

The mortgage industry experienced the onset of a global pandemic this past year alongside historically low mortgage rates. That means over ten months of record-breaking business volume. This spur of volume does not show signs of slowing any time soon. 

With this in mind, running on high volume for months on end can be exhausting. So, it is necessary to evaluate your current schedule and make the most of it. Also, be sure to not wear yourself out too much. 

Check your schedule

Taking calls and handling clients seven days a week is a big task. Plus, with periods of high volume, this can do harm to the mental and physical health of individuals. Focus on personal and organizational sustainability. 

In order to avoid the potential risk of reaching the overall operating capacity of the business, focus on small changes. After all, it is difficult to have a true work life balance when the corporate has a nonstop operation. Push back and reevaluate your daily schedule, hour by hour. 

Set manageable goals each day

Being able to meet priorities helps you feel a sense of accomplishment and control. The latest research shows that the more control we have over our work, the less stressed we will be. So, be realistic about workloads and deadlines. Make a “to do” list, and take care of important tasks and calls first, and eliminate unessential ones. 

Be efficient with your time at work 

When you face a big project at work or home, start by dividing it into smaller tasks. Complete the first one before moving on to the next. Give yourself small rewards upon each completion, whether it’s a five minute break or a walk outside. The less time you spend doing busy work or procrastinating, the more time you can spend productively connecting with clients and coworkers.

Take a break

Taking a break at work isn’t only acceptable, it’s often encouraged by many employers. Small breaks at work—or on any project—will help clear your head, and improve your ability to deal with stress and make good decisions when you jump back into the grind.

Communicate effectively

Be honest with coworkers and clients when you feel you’re in a bind. Chances are, you’re not alone. As much as it goes against every instinct, there may come a time when you need to tell customers that you can’t accommodate their request at this time. 

But, suggest practical alternatives. Looking at a situation from someone else’s viewpoint can also reduce your stress. Communicate clearly with those in your circle, including prospective borrowers. The loan process should be transparent. 

Establish boundaries

Open communication should not burn bridges with clients, but establish boundaries. By building boundaries politely and empathetically, you should not lose clients. Rather, you establish a dynamic of respect and high-quality service. 

This is a better option than providing a busy service that barely manages to keep clients up-to-date and happy. Building boundaries is a skill, and it is also necessary to set aside time for yourself as a loan officer and human. 

Bottom Line

As a loan officer, work life balance is key to success. Consider having your workday develop a firm start and end time. 

This may look like turning down the potential of new business and short-term gain, for a healthier life and deeper, long-term sustainability. Although taking this sort of approach takes serious discipline, allow yourself to just do the best you can.