What’s New for Jungo in 2018?


What’s New for Jungo in 2018?

Jungo in 2018

Today we are revealing the new items coming out in Jungo in 2018 [insert cheers here]! If you are a current or prospective Jungo client, you will know when each one of these become available. You can also follow us on social media for updates and sneak peeks as items roll out. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Jungo in 2018

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Mortgage Coach System Integration Update

The current Mortgage Coach integration allows our clients to create lookups in their database, such as “closed with a rate of 4.5%.” You can then select relevant loan options for Mortgage Review presentations and push the client data to Mortgage Coach directly from Jungo with a single click. This eliminates double data entry. You can then create a Total Cost Analysis for each contact and link it to the contact record in Jungo and automatically send single or bulk Mortgage Review alert emails, with a link to the Total Cost Analysis.

The new integration updates will include a, once a year complimentary service, where Jungo will data mine your database for closed loans, and then send a mortgage review to all your clients. That review will show your clients their current mortgage and current payoff and then compare that number to how much they would save if they added an extra $100 towards your principal each month, refinanced today with a 30-yr. fixed, or if they refinanced with a 15-yr. fixed. In just a few clicks, it will send the mortgage reviews to all their clients.

Document Management Solution

With Jungo’s document management solutions all your client documents are integrated into your account with ease. It’s as simple as upload, and verify. Using our Salesforce capabilities and our new integration with Floify’s document management solution, all your documents are available in the same place. It doesn’t stop there.

Not getting all your documents from your client in a timely matter? We can help with Docsbar, a new tab in Jungo that will communicate directly with your Floify login and generate a quick “items needed” email to send to your client, keeping them focused on their loan.  This list will update as you receive and verify new documents and resend whenever you’re ready. Don’t have a Floify login? Not an issue. Docsbar is available for each Jungo client with or without Floify.

Lightning Interface

Lightning is an upgrade to the classic version of Salesforce. Jungo is creating a layover to make sure you have optimal Jungo capabilities in the new Lighting interface. This includes an interactive home tab with visuals and reports to help you get a quick glance at your pipeline or do some data mining, all from your home tab. In addition, we are building out your tabs to represent all the awesome custom features available to you in classic, like Reffinity, loans, mortgage dashboards and reports. So, the new layover is expected in the first quarter of next year. We know you will love it.

Optimal Blue Integration

Your Optimal Blue login will be directly connected to Jungo, meaning you will be able to pull your loan rates directly from your database and send a rate comparison email to your clients without ever navigating away from your database.

PrintPub Tab

Lastly, this is a new tab dedicated to printing flyers and co-branded marketing directly from Jungo. Loan officers who want to create and print marketing directly from their CRM can in Jungo in 2018!

So, that is a general look at what you can expect from Jungo in 2018! As you can tell, here at Jungo we are working diligently to grow our products with your industry, modeling our solutions after the demand we see.  We hope this has been helpful and that you are all as excited as we are! Contact us today to find out how we can help you innovate, connect and grow your mortgage business.