Top Producer Profiles: $59 Million Producer, Susan Pryor

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

Top Producer Profiles: $59 Million Producer, Susan Pryor

Susan Pryor

Top Producer: Susan Pryor

Branch Manager and Senior Loan Officer
Benchmark Mortgage

Susan Pryor is the branch manager at Benchmark Mortgage. She is also a premier loan originator with more than 15 years of experience. Last year, Susan’s personal production team closed 230 transactions for a volume of $59 million. Additionally, her focus on excellent marketing and surpassing customer expectations has helped her build a business built primarily on referrals and past client loans. As a VA specialist, Susan and her team have significant practice helping military families and to those who have served our country.

The Details

Her Team Structure:
  1. Shandy King, Partner
  2. Brandy Harrison, Partner
  3. Whitney Welch, Partner
  4. Valerie Gravitt, Loan Processer
Susan Pryor’s Team Volume in 2019:

$59 Million

Team Speciality:

VA Loans

Thoughts on Schedule and Structure

How should a new loan officer structure their day?

A new loan officer should spend the first two hours of the day making calls –turn off email, so it’s just you, your database, and the phone–calling. I don’t care who you call, call 50 people a day. If you try to make 50 phone calls and 50 emails and 50 texts a day, you’ll be rich. It’s just a matter of time.

`` Find something in what you're doing that makes you feel good, because you're doing something for someone else.`` - Susan Pryor

The Tech Tools She Uses

Customer Relationship Management Software

Why Does Susan Love Jungo?

  • Integrates with many other tools.
  • Automates most team processes.
  • Powerful Salesforce foundation.

Mortgage Pricing and Planning Presentation Software

Why Does Susan Love Mortgage Coach?

  • Allows her team to compare and present client’s pricing options.
  • Seamless integration with Jungo, tracking of presentation opens.

Point-of-Sale Software

Why Does Susan Love Floify?

  • Provides customer-facing digital applications.
  • All document and disclosure management is stored in Floify.

Business Texting Software

Why Does Susan Love ZipWhip?

  • Business number forwarded to the team during after hours.
  • Jungo saves all texting conversations into contacts’ history.

Lead Nurturing Platform

Why Does Susan Love Agent Legend?

  • Automated cold lead nurturing.
  • Set campaigns to text, email, and drop audio to prospects.

Video Messaging System

Why Does Susan Love Bombbomb?

  • Automated marketing video campaigns.
  • Integration with Jungo.
`` Be a part of helping people become homeowners. Be passionate about homeownership.`` - Susan Pryor

Susan Pryor’s Quick Tips for Top Producer Best Practices

  1. Get a CRM, and every time you talk to someone on the phone, enter their data and set a follow-up task. Every single person in your database should always have a follow-up task.
  2. Focus on a smaller number of referral partners–don’t work with people you don’t like.
  3. Join a coaching program and implement what you learn.
  4. Time block, and set-up specific times dedicated to calling.

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