Top Auto Dialers for Mortgage & Real Estate


Top Auto Dialers for Mortgage & Real Estate

Jungo CRM Top Auto Dialers
Jungo CRM Top Auto Dialers

Making phone calls is a part of any successful sales person’s regular schedule. It takes consistency and commitment, however, to gain the full advantage of what calling has to offer. Calling all your partners, current customers, and prospects takes time, which you’re probably short on. We get it! This is where auto dialers come in. Auto dialers will make your call list more manageable, smarter, and more effective.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

What is an auto dialer?

Auto dialers are a type of software that help automate phone calls. At the most basic level, the auto dialer software connects to your phone and dials phone numbers from a list. More advanced features include playing pre-programmed messages to a voicemail, routing live calls to team members, logging outbound and inbound records and more. 

Why use an auto dialer?

Save Time

An auto dialer can save you time and energy because of the automations they offer. For example, consider how much time you spend manually dialing phone numbers, waiting for voicemail messages to play, and then leaving the same voicemails over and over again. An auto dialer can completely remove these time-sucking tasks from your to-do list.

And you don’t need to worry about creating an impersonal customer experience when you use a phone dialer. Many dialers offer a feature that transfer live calls to you or a team member. This means that if a customer does answer, they will speak to a real person, not a machine.

Create More Business

Additionally, dialers can make you more money, and not just because you’ll have more time for other tasks.

Top producers, like Monica Jones, use an auto dialer to stay consistent with referral partner and customer phone calls. This consistency leads to a very high customer referral rate, as well as happy referral partners.

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Jones uses an auto dialer to keep up with her partners. She makes a plan to call all her agents once every other week. She also commits to calling all of her past customers regularly.

Here’s what she says about client communication: 

“For my past clients, I call one letter of the week. So one alphabet letter a week. So this week if it’s going to be my C clients, I will call all of my past clients that are my Cs, and the next week I’ll call my Ds the week after call my Es.”

Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet and 52 weeks in a year, she calls her entire database twice a year. That’s a whole lot of calls to make without a dialer!

Keep Track of Your Calls

Whether you work in a team or on your own, it can be hard to track your outreach efforts, especially over the phone. For example, how many of the calls that your support team made converted? How long was each phone call? Not only will having access to this information help you track team’s success, you’ll also be able to see what your ROI is. 

What should you look for in a dialer?

Does it fit your budget? Can you show an ROI?

Obviously, it’s important to consider how much you can afford to spend on an auto dialer. Especially if you’re just starting out, or dipping your toe in the world of software automation, it could be helpful to look for a dialer that offers a free or discounted trial period.

Additionally, most auto dialers offer tiered pricing plans. You pay only for as many users as you need, meaning that you are less likely to overspend on features you don’t need.


This is one of the major selling points of an auto dialer, so it’s critical to determine what you want or need to automate. Whether you want voicemail drop, automatic call routing, or lead scoring, make a wish list. Then, see how different systems match up.

Available Integrations

You can read more about why auto dialer integrations are important, below. But, choosing a software that integrates with the rest of your systems is a foundational step to calling success.


As mentioned above, one of the many benefits of an auto dialer for sales professionals is their ability to produce analytics. Not only are these statistics helpful in the short term (how many past customers have you called so far this month?), they can be insightful for long term planning.

If, via your dialer’s analytics, you’re able to see that your referrals skyrocket when you’re making between 100-200 phone calls a month, you’ll plan time into your schedule to make those calls happen. There are real benefits to consistent calling techniques, and having the black and white numbers to back this up can motivate you to stick to your call plan.

When deciding between dialers, consider what analytics you’d like to have access to. You can also look at the stats that a software does track and think about how you’d apply that knowledge to growing your business.  

Ease of Use

Just like any product purchasing decision, your new auto dialer needs to be fairly easy to use. Especially when you’re just starting out with a new program, feeling overwhelmed can lead to burn out and even not using the system at all.

The best softwares offer comprehensive customer service. That way, you can ask the experts for help or advice whenever you hit a speed bump in the learning process.

Why are auto dialer integrations important?

Choosing a phone dialer is much like choosing any other item in your software stack. It’s not only important to think about the system itself, but also how it will integrate with the rest of the programs you use.

Integration with your CRM is probably the most important thing to keep in mind while choosing between auto dialers. With a seamless CRM + phone dialer integration, you can fully leverage your existing contact database. No need to enter a contact’s data twice, and you can skip having to reference a phone number in your CRM to place a call. 

With a seamless CRM + phone dialer integration, you can fully leverage your existing contact database.

Some auto dialers offer native integrations with CRMs. This means that you can login and access your dialer from right within your database. One less login means more time saved to call contacts.

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Top Auto Dialers for Loan Officers:

  1. PhoneBurner
  2. ChaseData
  3. CallHub
  4. NewVoiceMedia
Jungo PhoneBurner Integration


One of PhoneBurner’s main selling points is its power dialer. Their website reference the tool’s ability to boost your productivity by four times. It can dial up to 80 leads per hour and streamlines the calling process. In addition to the power dialer, they also offer local caller ID, which means that your out-of-area customers will see a local area code when you call. 


PhoneBurner has integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier. Plus, since they have an open API, you can integrate with virtually any CRM. Jungo’s native integration with PhoneBurner creates a seamless calling experience.


Plan Name:  Unlimited Dialing 
Price Per Month (Monthly Payments): $149 per user 
Price Per Month (Annual Payment):  $126 per user 
Included Minutes:  Unlimited 
Jungo CRM ChaseData


ChaseData’s predictive dialing feature eliminates the need for you or your team to manually dial numbers. It will also automatically weed out disconnects and busy signals. You can also create calling campaigns, and supervise your team’s calling efforts. Complete data reporting will also help you track and plan your lead calling plans.


ChaseData integrates with Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Zoho, and Oracle. Plus, if you use Zapier with ChaseData, you have access to hundreds of integrations.



Plan Name:  Small Business Professional Enterprise
Price Per Month:  $89 per user  $139 per user $169 per user
Included Minutes:  3,000 5,000 7,000
Jungo SMS CallHub


CallHub’s auto dialer can drop voicemails and speed up your dialing process. Additionally, you can choose to follow-up with prospects who didn’t answer your call with a text. They also offer detailed reports and analytics for tracking purposes.

CallHub has created a mortgage specific auto dialer that allows you to filter prospects based on loan type, last contacted date, or other parameters. Their Smart Scheduler helps you make calls when they’re most likely to answer. They also have safety measures in place to keep your communications compliant.


CallHub’s open API lets you set-up basically any integrations that you’d like. Plus, they have an integration with Salesforce that allows for bidirectional syncing.

Pricing (Pay As You Go Format, No Subscriptions): 


Type of Call Outbound Calls Inbound Calls
Price Per Call  $0.014 $0.012
Jungo CRM NewVoiceMedia


If you’re a Salesforce or Jungo user, NewVoiceMedia may be a good choice for you. Designed specifically for the Salesforce platform, their integration is seamless. You can dial directly from your CRM and track your interactions. The software also dials for you, and your customers will see a local phone number when you call. They also say that they have 99.999% availability, which means that less outages and less downtime for you.


Since NewVoiceMedia was created specifically for integration with Salesforce, you have all the power of your CRM from the beginning.


NewVoiceMedia does not list their pricing on their website, but they do offer four different pricing tiers: Express, Essentials, Select, and Premium.

Saving a few seconds every phone call with auto dialers may not sound like much. But it adds up fast when you’re making hundreds of calls a week or a month.

Bottom Line

You have a lot of communicating to do as a sales professional. But, ensuring your  software systems integrate well is one of the best ways to gain efficiencies in your business. Auto dialers and CRMs are one such time-saving pair that’ll boost the hard work you’re already putting in to close more deals.

Saving a few seconds every phone call with auto dialers may not sound like much. But it adds up fast when you’re making hundreds of calls a week or a month. And that saved time means that you can call more referral partners, borrowers, and past customers.  Therefore, earning you more business in the future.

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