Three Things You Need to Be Doing For Your Mortgage Customers, Right Now

Loan Pipeline Management
Loan Pipeline Management

Three Things You Need to Be Doing For Your Mortgage Customers, Right Now

3 Ways to Support Your Mortgage Customers

In our recent episode of Top Producer Hacks for Getting It All Done, Todd Duncan shared the three things you need to be doing for your mortgage customers during this turbulent time.

3 Ways to Support Your Mortgage Customers
  1. Help your mortgage customers win.

  2. Solve your borrower’s problems. 

  3. Engage on a deeper level with your clients.

You might notice that these are things that you should always be doing, pandemic or not. However, during this unique time, connecting with your customers in a more intentional way is key to building valuable and lasting relationships.

Todd Duncan

Author, Speaker, and Founder of High Trust Coaching

Help Your Mortgage Customers Win

Now more than ever, it’s important to be clear on what your clients need. When you receive a new lead, make a point to schedule a call or video meeting with them, early on in the process. Find out what their goals are, and brainstorm how you can help them achieve their goals. 

For instance, if you have a ReFi customer who wants money in order to remodel their kitchen, help them win by connecting them with a stellar remodel contractor that you trust. 

Or, if your lead is a first-time homebuyer, encourage them that you will be with them at every step of the mortgage process. After all, buying a first home is already a confusing process, let alone when there’s a global pandemic happening at the same time! 

Help Solve Your Borrower’s Problems

Todd shares that there are a few things you need to be telling your mortgage customers. He says, “Everything is okay. We’re going to get through this. I got your back and I care about you. I would be messaging my database right now in ways that I’ve never messaged them before.” 

One way to do this is to send relevant, meaningful emails that address the questions your borrowers have right now. For ready-to-send, free, and relevant marketing delivered every week, sign up for The Closing Email of the Week

You’ll be able to connect with your clients on the subjects that matter to them, in no time on your part. Plus, you’ll be inviting them to reach out to you if they need anything at all, encouraging open conversation. 

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Engage on a Deeper Level with Your Clients

Mike Gulitz points out that you have a great chance during this time. “It’s a huge opportunity to transition from being just a trusted advisor, to being that community person, that friend that they never knew they could depend upon.”

Mike Gulitz

Mike Gulitz

CEO and Co-Founder of Jungo

One way to prioritize this is to call–a lot. Dedicate a huge portion of your work week to calling your database. People will appreciate the human connection that a phone call provides. Also, it gives you the chance to engage in conversation with them. 

Connect heart-to-heart instead of head-to-head

Instead of simply asking if they have any questions about their mortgage or loan application, go more personal. Find out if they’re working from home. See if their children are schooling from home. Then, ask if there’s anything you can be doing to serve them. 

Want to make a truly huge impression? Send a handful of your mortgage customers a gift card to a local restaurant so that they can order take-out. Order groceries for older clients or those who have weakened immune systems. Not only will these thoughtful gestures be appreciated, you’ll show your clients that you are available to help for any questions or problems–mortgage related or not. 

Bottom Line

Although normal customer service practices still apply during this time, it’s important that you go one step further to serve your mortgage customers. These are unprecedented times, and your response should also be unprecedented. So, help your clients win, solve their problems, and engage them on a deeper, more human level. You’ll earn customers for life. 

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