Introducing The Property Listing, Single Property Websites That Convert


Introducing The Property Listing, Single Property Websites That Convert

The Property Listing
The Property Listing

In today’s digital world, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available to us everyday. The average person receives 121 emails a day, and sends and receives 94 text messages a day. Even more staggering, it has been said that we see around 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day. 

So, how do you stand out from all this noise? You want to reach prospective borrowers, and bring value to your realtor partners to encourage more referral business. 

Digital Marketing is the Key

89% of new home shoppers start their search online. This means that digital marketing is the key to your long term success. Digital marketing also has the benefit of helping you stand out in a crowded and noisy world. 

Single property websites are an excellent way to give your referral partners valuable marketing materials. Plus, you’ll gain exposure to potential borrowers since every listing website is co-branded with your and your partner’s headshots and contact information. 

If you can’t create your own single property website with comarketing and lead capture, you’ll be paying for leads you should already own. Single property websites will help you generate more business and stand out from the crowd. Stop paying Zillow or Redfin for your leads, and start marketing smarter with single listing property websites. 

Let’s dive into what you should include in your single listing property website. 

Property Photos

Potential buyers love to see photos, so be sure to include beautiful, professional photographs of the property. When you build your property website using Jungo’s Property Listing, you can upload and resize photos with a few simple clicks.

Marketing to Realtors

Property Details

At a minimum you should have all the basic property information like the address, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and year built. 

Property Description

In addition to the basic details of the property, you should  also include a short description of the home. This is a great chance for the property to shine! Don’t be afraid to share all the amazing features and amenities of the home, and use this opportunity to gush a bit. 

Local Schools

Next, you should showcase nearby schools on the Property Listing site. This feature will include the school’s name, rating, what type of school it is, and what grades it serves. Potential buyers will love the ability to check out the schools around a property at a glance. 

Open House Schedule

You should also use your property website to update potential borrowers. Include upcoming open house dates and times on the webpage—just don’t forget to always keep it updated with the most recent information. 

Location, location, location. 

Tell interested buyers where they can find this property. Having an interactive map  will give potential buyers the ability to explore a home’s neighborhood and see for themselves what their commute to work or school would be like. 

Agent Contact Information

After you showcase everything about the property, give potential buyers your contact information.  Having realtor and loan officer’s pictures and contact information will make this part of the website more friendly and engaging. Potential borrowers will be able to visually “meet” the agents that they might be buying their next home from. 

Lead Capture That Pushes to A CRM

Your single listing website should also feature seamless lead capture with your CRM. When interested buyers visit your site, make sure that they can submit their contact information. To prevent double data entry, these leads should drop directly into your CRM, and notify you and realtor partner of the interest you just received! 

Creating a Single Property Website with The Property Listing in Jungo Property Site

Okay, so you know that you need single property websites. But unless you went to coding school, creating a website on your own is likely a pipe dream.

Don’t worry though, creating a property site through Jungo is easy: you access the Property Listing creation tool right from Jungo’s CRM. Then, simply type (or copy and paste) the property information into the layout, and upload the property photos you would like to use.

The end result is clean and elegant, and will draw potential buyer’s interest right away. It’ll look like you hired a professional web designer, and no one will guess that you created the site in minutes.

Marketing to Realtors

Why The Property Listing Will Make Real Estate Marketing A Whole Lot Easier

In addition to having all the recommended features of a single property website, creating websites on The Property Listing opens up a new world of marketing options to you and your professional partners.

Easy and Speedy Co-branded Single Property Websites 

Using Jungo’s property listing tool, it only takes about 15 minutes to set up a single property website that will WOW your real estate partner. Include contact information for yourself (as the preferred lender) and your realtor. You’ll automatically generate a unique URL for the website, and you’re ready to start promoting!

When You Promote Your Property, You Own Your Leads 

From there, you and your partner can use this link to further market the home. Maybe you create a For Sale sign for the front yard that includes a QR code that takes viewers straight to YOUR property website. Or, you could send out EDDM postcards (that you can easily create using Jungo’s PrintPub), that include a URL. When buyer’s visit your single property website, they can fill out an “I’m Interested!” form and this submission will go straight to you and/or your co-branding partner.  Home buyers will love the ease of use and you’ll capture the leads you worked hard to get. Not Zillow, Redfin, or another lead aggregator. 

Exposure Marketing

The co-branded agent information at the bottom of the Property Site will be a straightforward way to convert leads from simply “interested,” all the way to “applicant.” Including your picture and information on the site will solidify which loan officer a potential buyer should consider working with! 

Bottom Line

Single property websites are becoming an essential part of real estate marketing, but they can be time consuming and costly to create if you don’t have software like Jungo which comes with a whole suite of co-marketing tools as a part of it’s CRM.