Why Mortgage Marketing Teams Should Care About Automation


Why Mortgage Marketing Teams Should Care About Automation

Mortgage Marketing Automation Jungo

Recently we have been receiving a lot of questions about our mortgage marketing automation platform, and we understand why: it’s incredible. So, we thought we would break down a few of the features and functionalities of Jungo Marketing.

Let’s get started by answering some of the most commonly asked mortgage marketing automation questions.

What is Jungo Marketing?


Jungo Marketing is a customized platform powered by Act-On and designed to fit the specific needs of the mortgage industry. With Jungo Marketing, you can house all your marketing content, power automated marketing programs, and track success all in one place. Marketing teams can create, distribute, and assess their marketing pieces and campaigns for both general marketing AND dynamic marketing that is sent out on behalf of their loan officers. Centralizing marketing on Jungo ensures external communications from every loan officer reflect the ideals, messaging, and branding of your company.

How would a Mortgage Marketing team benefit from a Marketing Automation Platform like Jungo?


Mass content creation, mass distribution, and mass correction- did we say the word “mass” enough?  Your marketing teams can now work on a massive scale, allowing them to easily create multiple templates, for multiple locations, about many subjects, using an easy to use template editor.

Do I have enough mortgage marketing content to run marketing automation?


Not an issue with Jungo. We have 400+ marketing templates pre-built inside of Jungo Marketing that can be customized for your company. In addition, marketing teams can email any of these templates to thousands of clients on behalf of hundreds of loan officers with a few simple clicks. However, one of our best features is real time campaign tracking and analytics reporting. With Jungo Marketing, marketing teams will no longer be in the dark about what emails are getting opened and what content is being viewed. Marketing teams will be able to focus their efforts on campaigns that work!

Why do loan officers benefit from having a Marketing Automation Platform?


Though loan officers don’t interact with Jungo Marketing, they do benefit from it. With marketing automation, loan officer’s clients receive constant streams of updates, tips, and information that is pre-branded and created just for them. Loan officers spend time on revenue generating tasks like loan creation and closing processes with mortgage marketing automation. Loan officers can be completely focused on things like meetings, phone calls and client interactions while their marketing team takes care of the digital connection.

Note: Jungo Marketing is only recommended for Jungo enterprise users (accounts with 50 users or more). Single user accounts or accounts with users of 50 or less should be able to utilize Jungo for all their marketing needs!

If you are interested in taking a look at Jungo Marketing, let our team know by emailing [email protected] or calling us at 619-727-4600 x1.