Sending Video Updates to Personalize Communication


Sending Video Updates to Personalize Communication

With rates being so low, the mortgage industry has started to turn from the refinance market and look again towards purchase loans. This change has eliminated the need to data mine our past clients, but has increased the need to capture new leads and where are we looking for these new leads? The Millennials. As times have changed, that rowdy group of kids has now grown into our new buying pool. So how do you tailor your business strategy to gain new millennial referrals? By sending video updates to personalize communication.

One thing we know about millennial’s is that they are surprisingly personal. They want to see your face. It is no longer enough to simply send a well written email, we want to hear it from the source. Videos are the email of the future. They create a sense of one-on-one communication without a phone call and help you get your point across in a clear, simple way without over-explanation. In addition, because of inflection, visual communication, and scripts, a video may make your point much simpler to understand, and in the mortgage industry, that is incredibly important.

To address some concerns, I am sure you are having, we know what you look like. These customers have met you in person. Do not be afraid to show your face. Vanity has to go out the window as video takes the reins.

There are multiple ways of sending videos automatically and manually through Jungo:

Host and Link:

One option that many users utilize is a third-party host site like Vimeo or Youtube that will give you a link you can embed in your emails. Once you have that link you can place your video in Jungo’s email templates. You can have a set video update for every milestone that is reached in the loan process. Or you can create videos for new leads and closed clients. You could even create video campaigns and attach them to the automated campaigns that already send.

Salesforce App Exchange:

Another option is to use a third-party app to create quick instant videos for fun updates. Two of the most popular are BombBomb and Vidyard. These apps will integrate seamlessly with your Jungo contact page and allow you to record a video directly from your webcam, send it, and track when it was sent and when it was opened. Unlike the first option which its biggest benefit lies in its ability to be automated, this solutions key benefit is the personalization of these videos. They give your client a personal touch as you can address them and their specific concerns.

Whatever method you choose, it is clear that video messaging is the way of the future and finding a solution that works for you is extremely important. Whether you host your videos or send them directly make sure you are prepared for this new generation of home buyers and know how to meet their needs efficiently.

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