Rent Vs. Buy: Educating Your Borrowers About the Benefits

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Rent Vs. Buy: Educating Your Borrowers About the Benefits

Rent vs. buy

You probably have mortgage leads asking you if they should rent vs. buy. Although you know that every person’s situation is different, there are some great resources to share with your prospective clients. 

Rent vs. buy

Helping your customers understand their options, and the benefits of homeownership, will prove your value as a trusted advisor. The homebuying process is confusing enough–make it your priority to share resources with your leads and borrowers that help them understand their best option! 

Free, Shareable Resources For Rent Vs. Buy Questions

The Mortgage Update is a free, shareable resource that you can send to customers who want to know more about their rent vs. buy options. This link is also shareable via email or on social media:

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Bottom Line

Educating your borrowers is one of your most important roles as a loan officer. Not only will this help build trust with your customers, it will earn you more business! After all, mortgage leads will appreciate working with a originator who provides them helpful and interesting tips.

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