How to Get Real Estate Agent Referrals and Keep Them


How to Get Real Estate Agent Referrals and Keep Them

real estate agent referrals

As a loan officer, you know that learning how to get real estate agent referrals is key to your business strategy. After all, one successful referral partner can bring you hundreds of leads over the course of your relationship. 

So, put a plan in place every week, and consistently contact the partner with timely information. Keep reading to learn how to get real estate agent referrals, and keep them!

real estate agent referrals

Gain Real Estate Agent Referrals, Access Tools

You have so many helpful tools at your disposal to win over referral partners. Between digital, print, and social media marketing tools, loan officers have more ways than ever to provide value. However, you need a strategy. 

You can’t effectively win over referral partners if you don’t show them why they should trust you as their recommended loan officer. After all, your work with a mutual client reflects on them as well! So, learn how to get referral partners and connect in deeper ways. Then, this will help build trust and stimulate future business. 


PrintPub is Jungo’s tool for creating customizable, pre-designed templates for real estate and mortgage marketing. Leverage this tool and look like you hired a professional designer! This web-based real estate flyer creator requires no software or design skills. Simply type in the property details and upload your photos. Within minutes, you’re ready to print your custom flyer.

So, this makes it easy for mortgage and real estate industry professionals. Create a variety of single and co-branded promotional print materials. Also, creating flyers in PrintPub brings in more referral partnership opportunities with professional marketing

Property Listing

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of information available in today’s digital world? With all of the emails, phone calls, and text messages bombarding you every day, it’s bound to happen. Make sure to stand out in the crowd of digital data and reach real estate agent referrals. 

One way to bring value to these partners, and encourage referral business, is with the Property Listing. Single property websites are an excellent way to give your referral partners valuable marketing materials. Also, you gain exposure to potential borrowers, since every listing website is co-branded with you and your partner’s headshots and contact information. Market smarter with single listing property websites!

Nourish the Partnership 

Most of the time, referral partnerships begin with you. This means that you have to do the work to keep the partnership strong. So, even if you gain agreement from your potential partner, they want to see proof of results. Plus, matching up with real estate agent referrals exposes your name to brand new potential clients as well.  

When it comes to your referral partners, avoid surprises. With commissions at stake, if you want a long-term partnership, stay ahead at all times in communication. The key to success is consistently calling these partners. So, be extremely proactive in informing them of changes throughout the entire purchase process. Keep the partnership growing by using tech tools and providing them with potential business. 


If you have not started utilizing Reffinity’s automations, you are missing out on the easiest way to build trust in referral partnerships. Reffinity sends automated pipeline reports to your most important realtor partners. This guarantees they are always in the know. 

Reffinity reports automate to send daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly for up to five years. Each Reffinity report includes the current status of the loans in your pipeline. These are sent to you by that specific referral partner. Also, your last interactions with your mutual clients record. 

Keep your pipeline organized in less time, customize your loan update emails for your real estate agent referrals. Also, ensure that you are actively building stronger referral relationships! Now, that’s a winning combination.

 Loan Process Checklist Updates 

With automated loan process updates, as soon as a loan moves to a new stage, updates are sent out. These go to your borrower, co-borrower, and any relevant partners. These automated updates allow you to focus on high-income opportunities like connecting with new clients and engaging with partners. Plus, you set an expectation in the partner’s mind for what you will deliver, and demonstrate a high standard of support.

When considering how to earn real estate agent referrals for life, communication is an important factor. Especially as mutual clients move through the loan process checklist. To streamline this partnership more, it is necessary to bring all parties and required documents together with these features. 

Dashboard Tracking

Measure results and stay on top of data with performance dashboard tracking. With a CRM, fully embrace tracking progress–which happens through Reports and Dashboards in Jungo. Since Jungo is fully customizable, you can set goals like a certain number of realtor partner meetings a week. Then, measure those on your dashboard. 

After all, the success of referral partnerships hinge on the scope and quality of data. So, take full advantage of advanced analytics and data functions. As a lender, you should treat both internal and third-party data as equally valuable. 

Jungo’s Dashboard

With Jungo’s dashboards, you can view referral data such as which partners are bringing in the most leads and deep referrals. This helps reveal which partners may need a bit more nurturing. So, take full advantage of the relationship’s potential!

Reports and Dashboards do so much more than just store contact information. Users have complete insights into their leads, contacts, partners, and loans through comprehensive reporting. Plan for growth and engage with your referral partners!

Bottom Line

Real estate agent referrals are great door openers and business builders. But, learning how to earn and maintain referral partners takes work. Just like any relationship, they take time and effort. Also, they require you to serve as a source of new business for your partner, and vice versa. 

Availability is critical. By promptly replying to your agents, you demonstrate why they want to work with you. Developing professional relationships is one of the best ways to earn referrals!