Jungo’s Newest Features

Learn about Jungo's newest features!

Lightning Upgrade

Lightning is Jungo’s new, clean look! Every new Jungo and Salesforce features will be developed on Lightning, so upgrading your account is the foundation of taking advantage of everything Jungo has to offer.

PrintPub with MLS

With PrintPub with MLS Integration, you can create beautiful co-marketing materials for your realtor partners, in just minutes–no graphic designer needed!

Jungo SMS

Jungo SMS allows you to connect with borrowers and partners the way they actually want to communicate. Send one-on-one, mass, and automated SMS messages, straight from your Jungo account.

The Property Listing

Jungo’s newest feature, The Property Listing, lets you create elegant single listing property websites. And with the Jungo MLS Integration, your property’s details and photos are automatically pulled in for you.